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A chatbot experience that
your customers love.

Leading brands use Ambit's AI chatbots 
to turn customer service into customer happiness.

Yes, an AI can drive revenue

Increase sales and conversions. Reduce customer service volumes. Deliver timely, guided selling experiences that add to your bottom line while providing great customer experiences.

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Enterprise automation that scales

Built to scale, the Ambit platform's flexible integration systems allow your business to adapt as technology evolves. Use GPT machine learning and NLU to manage great conversation design, analytics and AI as part of your ongoing customer service toolset.

AI-powered CX for each step of the customer journey

Leverage the power of AI to provide deeply personalised, automated conversations that delight your customers. Elevate your support teams' strategy with the Ambit platform.
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We are industry experts


Maximise online sales and enhance your digital customer experience. Deliver automated customer service at scale with Ambit's AI-powered chatbots for Retail.

Ambit boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Provide instant responses to routine or complex customer queries at any time of day - freeing up your staff to focus on more valuable tasks.


Eliminate long wait and resolution times; Automate customer service at scale with Ambit's AI chatbots for utilities.

Maximise customer retention and streamline business processes to reduce costs.


Financial Services

Streamline customer service processes; Automate actions that drive revenue with Ambit's AI-powered chatbots for Financial Services and Insurance.

Easily handle growing customer service requests without the additional surge in costs. Empower customers to self-serve and dramatically reduce wait times.

Bots are good for business

Always on
Be there for your customers even when your humans can't. AI chatbots are available any hour of the day to support customers' needs.
Zero wait time
Ease the strain on overloaded customer service teams. Instantly respond to customer queries, eliminate wait time and improve NPS and CSAT.
Complete scalability

Handle peak traffic volumes. Automate unlimited numbers of simultaneous conversations, regardless of the channel, location, or time of day.

Take it omnichannel

Give your customers the support they deserve, wherever they are. Seamlessly leverage your chatbot across multiple channels; web, app, voice, or avatar.

Up-sell & cross-sell

Automate actions that drive revenue; Provide relevant, personalised up-sell and
cross-sell opportunities at the right time
to increase sales.

Quick to deploy

Easy-to-use tools empower you to design, build, test and deploy sophisticated chatbots in record time. Immediately realise the ROI on your investment.

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Integrate with your existing systems

Powerful integrations to take your business to the next level. Easily integrate Ambit chatbots with the systems you use every day.

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Start automating
customer service today

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