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About Ambit

In 2016, three entrepreneurs Josh Comrie, Tim Warren, and Gareth Cronin had a vision. To build a conversation platform that makes every conversation with a customer, partner or staff member matter.

The trio spent six months looking at a variety of solutions to the duality of customer friction and business cost. With research turning up no viable platforms which took a rapid build and deployment approach, they set about developing the Ambit platform.

The problem? A seemingly unrealistic expectation that companies be responsive to their customers 24/7 - on any channel.

Traditional methods were broken. Live chat was only available when a person was at the other end of the dialogue. Call centres were being inundated with basic enquiries resulting in long wait and resolution times. Websites were hard to navigate, and email volumes were exploding.

To add to this, companies were introducing all of these contact methods, with no integration of the data they were collecting. Compounding into the need for a better customer experience.

Enter Ambit. A conversation platform, offered as a service, to provide a realistic and automated chat experience - on any channel. Ambit has developed a platform that is used by some of New Zealand’s largest organisations across a range of applications. Our offices are located in Auckland and Sydney, and we’re expanding into the US too.