Rapidly automate your
customer service and
support with Ambit Edge

Automate your most FAQ's in a way your
customers will love through natural conversation


Our customers typically experience


Return on investment


Cost to serve


After hours conversions

What is Ambit Edge?

Edge is an AI enterprise-grade digital employee that provides 24/7 customer support for companies dealing with high volumes of frequently asked questions.

Reduce email and call volumes, and take web and mobile chat to the next level with self-service Conversational AI. Seamlessly hand off customers to your care and sales team using live chat when it makes sense for those high value interactions.

Control cost to serve with customer self-service options.

Satisfy your customers with 24/7 availability, accurate information and quick resolutions.



Fast time-to-value
Submit your top queries to our team,
provide answers to additional preconfigured
top industry standard FAQs, and deploy your
enterprise grade digital employee in as little as 3 days.


Understand your customer
Use the analytics panel to gain real time
customer insights. Know what customers
talk about, from 'how they feel' to
'when they buy,' and make actionable,
data driven decisions.

Who is Ambit Edge for?

Ambit Edge is designed for small to medium (SME) companies, with dedicated for those in the following sectors:

  • Retail
  • Insurance & Financial Services
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare

It is an ideal solution if your business needs to get something up and running within a few days that can handle FAQs and ease the load for your customer service team.

Get started with Edge in 3 easy steps


Sign up for a monthly Edge subscription.


Submit your intents to our Conversation Designers and implementation team.


Add your digital employee to your website with one line of code.

Get started with Ambit Edge

Sign up to Ambit Edge and kick off your monthly subscription.

Essential Edge Features

Essential Edge Features

Essential Edge Features

Ambit Edge

Ambit Edge

$1,390 /mo


AI-powered chatbot
for simple FAQs.
Conversations Per Month
Avatar and Colours
'Powered by Ambit' Logo
Content View
Make changes to text within the conversation.
Number of Intents
A chatters motive, or topic/purpose of conversation.
x10 custom intents
x10 industry standard intents
Emojis, Images, Videos & GIFs
Develop the conversation drafts, then publish live.
Development, Production
Arrange Callbacks to Customers
via Email
Ambit Navigate Feature
Navigates to a webpage and displays it alongside the chat window.
Collect Customer Contact Details
Collect and manage customer information with privacy control.
Insights & Reporting
Chat Usage
Trending Topics
Track Customer Satisfaction
Conversation Channels
Web Chat
Facebook Messenger
Additional feature request
Live Chat
Channel integrations
Additional channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Voice, Avatar etc
Additional feature request
Platform Integrations
Platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk etc.
Additional feature request
via Email and x1 live training session
On-call Support
via Email
Customise and align the customer experience with your brand and business objectives
Empower your business to deliver the best customer experience on any conversational channel
Ambit Edge Customer Insights Panel

Ambit Edge

Automated FAQ's that are as natural as speaking with a friend.

Ambit Out-of-the-box conversation ebooks


Step One
Sign up for an Edge subscription. You'll be taken through a step by step process.
Step Two
Check your email, download the instructional eBook on how to submit your intents to Ambit's conversation designers. The faster you complete this step, the sooner your digital employee can be deployed onto your website.
Step Three
Once you've seen your intents through, our team will build them, set up the Ambit environment for you, and take you through a personal, live training session. At the end of the session, you'll have your employee on your website, and understand how to manage it in the Ambit platform going forward. This process can be anything from 3 to 10 days - dependent on how quickly you engage with our team, and have your intents ready.
Step Four
Chat with our Sales consultants if you'd like to add any more features or capabilities to the digital employee that aren't standard to the Ambit Edge plan.

Sign up for Ambit Edge

Click the button to complete the form to sign up for Ambit Edge.
Check your email address for the first invoice which will kick off the monthly subscription.