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Deliver outstanding
service and support
at scale with Ambit Pro

Have the right conversation at the right time 
to improve customer and agent experiences,
reduce costs and increase revenue.


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What is Ambit Pro?

Satisfied customers want 24/7 availability, accurate information and quick resolutions. Ambit Pro delivers this in a natural conversational manner, personalised 1:1 fashion and at scale.

Built for enterprise and businesses who need customised service options to handle those next level enquiries, an Ambit digital employee added to your team combines automated and human engagement to achieve the best business outcomes:

  • Use AI to automate up to 80% of all engagements
  • Lower cost to serve to as little as 47 cents and control costs through self service options and automation
  • Bridge the gap between conversational AI and human interactions
  • Enrich your support & service team's capabilities and employee experience through human augmentation
  • Deliver outstanding customer experiences that develop customer loyalty and repeat customers
  • Generate revenue through promotions, guided selling, cross-selling, upsells and sales

As an enterprise-grade software solution, Ambit's flexible technology integrates easily with your business technology stack, scales as your business grows and serves as a long term solution.



Generate ROI, increase CSAT & average basket size with Ambit Retail
Replicate the in-store consultative experience with your ecommerce store.


Deliver compliant, automated customer service for Financial Services with Ambit FinServ
Delight customers with auditable, seamless experiences, transparency and flexibility.

Build good customer rapport with Ambit Utilities
Retain customers and automatically handle seasonal call surges beautifully.

Streamline call centre support with Ambit
Improve First Call Resolution. Deal with peak demand effectively.

Essential Pro Features

Essential Pro Features

Essential Pro Features

Ambit Pro

Ambit Pro

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AI-powered chatbot
for outstanding customer service and support at scale.
Multiple Brands
Conversations Per Month
50,000 +
Avatar and Colours
Custom Avatar Styling
Single Sign-On
Content View
Make changes to text within the conversation.
Number of Intents
A chatters motive, or topic/purpose of conversation.
Emojis, Images, Videos & GIFs
Develop the conversation drafts, then publish live.
Development, Testing, Production
Arrange Callbacks to Customers
via Email, SMS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, HubSpot, Zendesk
Ambit Navigate Feature
Navigates to a webpage and displays it alongside the chat window.
Collect Customer Contact Details
Collect and manage customer information with privacy control.
Document Upload
Address Lookup & Verification
Order Track & Trace
Insights & Reporting
Chat Usage
Trending Topics
Track Customer Satisfaction
Conversation Channels
Web Chat
Facebook Messenger
API Channel Integrations
Live Chat
Integrate with other platforms using Ambit API
Additional channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Voice, Avatar etc
Platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk etc.
via Workshops
Weekly Check-In
On-call Support
Email, Phone
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Customise and align the customer experience with your brand and business objectives
Empower your business to deliver the best customer experience on any conversational channel

The Ambit Advantage

Have the right conversation at the right time every step of the customer journey.

Natural Conversation

We specialise in natural conversation, from our own NLP to conversation designers to the way Ambit is built. Proven to help brands increase the quality and value of customer experiences.

Flexible & Scalable Solution

Our technology is architected to scale. Conversations remain intelligent and manageable as they rapidly increase in size, topics and count, ensuring a solution your business won't outgrow.

Build or Partner

Our flexible deployment and partnering approach gives you total control over your conversational AI experience. You can use Ambit to build it yourself, tap into our expertise when you need it, or rely on us from end-to-end.


Here to help every step of the way

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  • Co-design workshop
  • Customer journey requirements
  • Digital Employee roadmap
  • Conversation ecosystem
  • Conversation wireframes
  • Character design
  • Integrated or isolated, customised solution
  • Trained individual NLP model
  • Tested conversational user experience
  • Soft & hard launch
  • Multichannel deployment
  • Hosted on Ambit
  • NLP supervision & training
  • Analytics suite
  • On-going managed service & support
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We chose Ambit because they were clearly ahead of the curve. Tried, tested, they understood our challenge and we saw return on investment. With Ambit, we know we’ve got the right partner.

Michael Quirke
Michael Quirke, CEO, Mercy Radiology

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