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From left to right: Lakshmikantha H., Christopher Mahoney, Gregory Lok, Arjun Sundararajan and Krishna Gupta of Romulus Capital

Today we’re excited to announce our official launch out of SRI International with a $1.1M pre-seed round investment led by Romulus Capital, a leader in voice and empathy-related capital, to build out the first EQ augmentation and long-term behavior change program prioritizing empathy in the workplace. We’ll be using the funding to grow Ambit from ideation to market, specifically for pilot discussions, growing out the team, and customer traction.

With science at our core, we’re working with Romulus to decode empathy in a specific vertical: the office. By examining the ways we talk and listen, we’re able to improve both individual performance & wellbeing, as well as the bottom line of business across sectors. With new managers specifically, the loss of empathy in human interaction in the workplace has a deeply negative impact on business and general functionality:

Interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence are key factors in retaining talent, yet people have lost the ability to drive human connection through conversation largely due to the adoption of email, chat and calls. With the right insights and implementation, human empathy can be decoded to more deeply understand the way in which we communicate and arm employees + employers with the tools to better connect with one another. We think of this as democratizing the executive coach.

As experts in voice analytics and behavioral change through previous investments in Cogito, Humanyze, and, Romulus is the ideal partner for us as we build out our technology and service. Other leading VC firms participating include GAN Ventures, Gravity Ranch Ventures, Lentor Ventures, Perot-Jain, and Plug and Play Tech Center. SRI International will be continuing to support our technology development.

We are also excited to announce that Christopher Mahoney has joined Ambit as our Chief Product Officer, focusing on empathetic user development and product creation. Chris previously was the head of product, software and services, at Fitbit and held senior product roles at King Games and PlayStation.

We’re growing and can’t wait to bring you new understandings & implementation tools to better improve communication through empathy. If you’re interested in exploring partnerships, please reach out to me at We’re also hiring:

About Ambit Analytics

A spin-off from SRI International, the birthplace of Apple’s Siri and Nuance, Ambit leverages world-class audio AI technology to quantify verbal communication and uses those metrics to train people to become better communicators. Ambit is based in San Francisco. Learn more at:

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