Finance Manager

Auckland, New Zealand

Reports to: COO or designate
Hours of work: At least 30 hours per week across each working week

Overview of the role

Ambit requires greater internal support as it grows. The Finance and Administration functions are vital to maintaining the appropriate “bricks and mortar” upon which growth can be based, as well as “renovating” those same foundations as our business demands. We continue to process and retain more information and it is imperative that the company has the best, most effective systems to manage and analyse this information.

The end result is then to ensure the company continues to make the best decisions from this analysis.

The role of Finance Manager is chiefly to be the guardian of this information, and the owner of the ensuing analysis and relevant measurements of company performance. Everything has to be accurate and available.

Secondly, the role has to contribute across administrative and all other operational support areas, including the office environment, to provide a strong foundation for the future for Ambit.

Finally, and of growing importance, is for the Finance Manager to add significant value and guidance, alongside the COO, to the company achieving its target of becoming an “Operationally Excellent” company.

To this end, Ambit has a single-minded focus on the most effective and cost-efficient attraction, support and retention of its customers, and the Finance Manager is expected to contribute not only within usual Finance boundaries, but also in all Operational elements of the business. The incumbent’s relationships with the COO and other parts of Ambit are crucial to success in this pursuit.


  • Manage Xero, Spotlight and all appropriate Financial systems, processes and procedures.
  • Documented and publicised policy and procedure in line with Company culture and corporate governance, especially government requirements.
  • Accuracy of all information and analysis.
  • Administration to ensure smooth operations of company offices.
  • Relevant reporting in usable formats.
  • Support other functions.
  • Organize and coordinate office administration and procedures, in order to ensure organizational effectiveness, efficiency and safety.
  • Recordkeeping.
  • Compliance to all relevant statutes for Human Resources and timely and accurate delivery of payroll functions.
Key responsibilities
  • To manage the performance of an accurate and effective SaaS financial system (Xero) including input and maintenance of all information.
  • In conjunction with the COO, to provide relevant analysis in user-friendly format to support the business, including information dashboards and metrics of performance, including use of relevant tools such as Spotlight Reporting or similar.
  • Produce monthly management accounts and financial projections.
  • Support the COO in the completion of monthly Board reports.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Manage all customer billing in line with agreed contracts.
  • Management and appropriate control of Fixed Assets.
  • Callaghan, NZTE and SCIF reporting.
  • Maintain all records to ensure prompt reference especially for audit and
  • Human Resource compliance including payroll, employee records,
    attendance records, Kiwisaver, ACC, PAYE, and Benefits compliance,
    including relationship with payroll providers.
  • Manage all office administrative requirements including stationery,
    cafeteria, provision of office equipment and other.
  • Responsible for developing and implementing office policies by setting up procedures and standards to guide the operation of the office.
  • Manage relationships with vendors, service providers and landlord,
    ensuring that all items are paid in accordance with expectations and
  • Manage contract and price negotiations with office vendors and relevant service providers.
  • Participate actively in the planning and execution of company events.
  • Maintain operational banking needs and systems and act as initial
    conduit for all operational banking relationships.
  • Manage and operate the processes and policies supporting employee
    expenses to ensure timely and accurate compliance.
  • Manage the assessment and provision of relevant insurance cover (and
    the relationships with the suppliers) for Ambit.
  • Assist the COO with the development of relevant budgetary processes
    and reporting.
  • To support the COO in the completion of the annual financial statements
    and annual tax returns for the company, including managing the annual
    audit process if and as required.
  • To ensure compliance with all regional tax requirements, including GST, Payroll taxes or other.
  • Accountable for a minimum standard for internal audit across relevant
    processes or procedures.
  • Overall, anything that is appropriate, under guidance of the COO, to
    support the over-achievement of Ambit’s goals in any geography for any period.
Role Specific Competencies

Systematic Thinking:

  • A consistent process to information; recognising differences and acting appropriately; using an organised and logical approach to resolving issues.

Task Management:

  • Adopts effective planning and time management on all tasks and
    responsibilities. Assesses and plans for contingencies and monitors own

Detail and Relevance:

  • Able to focus on relevant detail, check information, identifying discrepancies and comparing sets of information.
  • Be resilient and flexible.


  • Manipulate information, gather from appropriate sources, assess
    relevance, observe patterns and establish relationships through


  • Novel solutions, reframing problems, coming up with original ideas as
  • Show initiative in moulding the finance and administrative functions.
Credentials, Experience and Skills
  • Preferable 2 years professional experience in financial roles.
  • Tertiary qualified.
  • SaaS, internet, or IT industry experience desirable.
  • Operational skills and experience in financial systems and office software
    packages, including Xero and Spotlight Reporting.
  • Knowledge of the HR function is desirable.
External/Internal Interface
  • Demonstrated ability to interface with people at all levels.
  • Written and verbal communication skills relevant to the position.
  • The job involves contact both internal and external to the company requiring an enthusiastic, pleasant, helpful, personable and professional manner and tact.


Special Requirements
  • Again, it is important to stress that Ambit is a reasonably new business. Things are not perfect. This role requires a roll-up-your sleeves-and-start-it attitude to execution. Initiative is vital. The job description is always only a guide, because things will change.
  • How do we create the best financial and administrative framework and foundation for our growing business? This has to be uppermost in the incumbent’s mind, but is not the only consideration. This may involve currently available technology or assisting in the customizing of some. The ability to “sell” the solution to Ambit management and personnel (by the way it fits if nothing else) is important.
  • Finance and other performance metrics are critical to our success. The timeliness and accuracy of measurements across the business are an extra special need from the role.
  • Teamwork is vital given the intimate nature of Ambit and the necessary interaction between all its personnel. You need to be a self-starter, enjoy challenges and thinking outside the square.


Performance Measurements

Performance is king at Ambit. You are here to make a difference. Measures will come from:

  • Feedback from peers and associates as applicable, including our Board.
  • Feedback from suppliers and customers.
  • The accuracy, timeliness and relevance of information.
  • Your contribution to company performance.

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