Product Owner

Auckland, New Zealand

Reports to: Head of Engineering (or designate)
Hours of work: Full-time

Overview of Role

Ambit is hiring! We’re looking for an experienced Product Owner to join our growing company. We have built a world-leading conversational AI chatbot platform, and with it, we deliver the market’s best smart chatbots to the country's largest companies.

With brand name customers and a full sales pipeline, this is the perfect time to join our well-capitalised business building something that will change the tech landscape. We have proven our business model and, due to customer demand, we now need to hire you to help us set the direction of our platform. This is a critical role at Ambit and you’ll be working extremely closely with our Customers, Leadership, Customer Success, Marketing and Engineering teams.

This is also an awesome opportunity to step into a growing company where you can take ownership of our product roadmap and drive it forward, be creative by investigating new features and opportunities and help us improve our product development practices.

Under our SaaS business model our customers pay us a regular subscription over time (rather than all upfront), and a sustained growing relationship with them is absolutely vital to our long-term business success. Customers need to be increasingly engaged with Ambit, we have to foster and encourage that through helping them meet and surpass their expectations all the time. We succeed when they succeed. Delivering Customer value is a mindset that underpins everything we do. 

We’re looking for someone who understands and believes in this mindset. This is a highly collaborative role and we firmly believe that when we all work closely together, we help our customers to succeed. At Ambit, we live by our values. We strive for the Next Level, while we Make it Happen and always remember to Be Real, Be Kind.

What you'll be doing

Some of the key things you’ll be doing as a Product Owner at Ambit include:

  • Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to define product requirements and ensure there is a ready pipeline of work available for the Engineering team
  • Help to build, maintain and manage the product roadmap by integrating data-driven needs and insights from our clients, prospects, partners, and internally with sales, marketing, and customer success teams - you’ll be actively involved in helping us to manage our product roadmap and what’s in it!
  • Coordinating and communicating with the wider organisation to confirm and update our product vision and strategy
  • Reporting to the management team and wider organisation on the product roadmap
  • Researching and validating planned and delivered features with clients, partners, and internal stakeholders
  • Researching potential features and product opportunities
  • Understanding the competitive landscape we operate in
  • Understanding our customers' needs: stand in the shoes of our customers and their users, understand their problems, explain them to our people, and guide our teams to help solve them - you’ll help the wider team understand Ambit’s users and market, the problems they have, and the ways we can solve them!
  • Communicating new and changed functionality.
  • Building a strong partnership with the Engineering team to support product delivery.
  • Working closely with the Engineering team to help them manage their backlog and run regular sprint ceremonies.
  • Exploring and evaluating opportunities to form technology and product partnerships that fulfil our vision and strategy.
  • Working with Engineering to evaluate new technology alternatives and vendor products/services.
  • Working with our Customer Success team to provide recommendations and advice for customer projects including how to engage our customers effectively on product direction.
  • Assist with assessing market competition by comparing our product to competitors’ products to identify gaps and competitive opportunities.
  • Helping to build and maintain a culture of innovation.
  • Acting as a product evangelist and representing the company at public events.

What are we looking for in you as a person?

To succeed in this role you’ll need to be:

  • A kind values driven person who believes in building respectful relationships with the people they work with.
  • A team player - teamwork is vital given the intimate nature of Ambit. We’re looking for someone who enjoys working and collaborating as part of a team.
  • Someone who gets excited about challenges, possibilities, new ideas and opportunities - we’re looking for someone who wants to get actively involved in helping to improve our product and systems.
  • Someone who has a genuine understanding of why customers are important.
  • A “Make it happen” person.
  • Someone with a lot of Curiosity!

What product skills are we looking for?

Ideally we’re looking for someone who has:

  • Two or more years of product management experience.
  • A toolbox of techniques to identify product requirements - for example design-thinking, ideation sessions, mockups, prototyping, build-measure-learn loops, rapid experimentation, user-interviews etc.
  • Proven experience in creating and communicating lean product requirements with engineering and marketing teams
  • Knowledge of JIRA / an equivalent workflow management tool.
  • Experience with SaaS and/or PaaS products would be an added bonus
  • A real knack for getting to grips with software tools and platforms and becoming a power user.
  • A solid understanding of and appreciation for software delivery practices and processes ("agile" with a little "a", lean and pragmatic).
  • The ability to clearly articulate product requirements and prioritize enhancement requests.
  • Attention to detail and good problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Experience in managing and reporting on a product roadmap to a leadership team.
  • A proven track record of developing strong relationships with Engineering teams.
  • Experience in carrying out user research to determine new opportunities and evaluate existing features.
  • Experience in defining and measuring SaaS product success - for example using SaaS telemetry data to identify improvements and measure success of new capabilities

What qualifications are we looking for?

We emphasise experience and knowledge over qualifications but it would be great if you had a university qualification or similar.


** This role is only open to New Zealand residents. Overseas applications will not be considered.

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