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Our customers

Our customers

At Ambit, we work with some of the world’s leading brands, from every industry, who trust us to deliver digital employees that make doing business better. Here are just a few examples.

Here are a few of the companies we work with

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Mercy Radiology

Suzy, by Mercy Radiology

Mercy Radiology is a radiology services provider for the Greater Auckland Region of New Zealand. As a business, they service over 150,000 patients every year, with this number rapidly increasing.

As a result of this growth, Mercy Radiology were struggling to respond to their customer’s enquiries in a timely manner.

Wanting to provide an exceptional level of customer service, the team began thinking about innovative ways to solve this problem.

An overview

Michael Quirk, COO of Mercy Radiology, stated that they chose to work with Ambit because “they were clearly ahead of the curve” in the space of improving customer service at scale.

The team at Ambit built an intelligent AI-powered chatbot that worked for Mercy, and were excited to launch the first-ever Digital Employee in the radiology space.

In starting this journey, Mercy Radiology saw it was important to develop a story around the new technology. We worked with Mercy through character development workshops and enabled them to see what was important to their team.

Through a collaborative process, Mercy decided on the persona that they wanted for their Digital Employee and decided on the name Suzy - the name of the longest standing member of their team.

Early wins from Suzy - the bot

Return on investment has been realised in several ways. 20% of the engagement on the bot is after hours, when Mercy is closed. These are people that Mercy would otherwise not be able to reach, and they have now eliminated the risk of losing them as customers.

Suzy has become smarter over time. At first, Suzy’s ‘do not understand’ rate where the conversation hit an end was 40%. But within six months, this went down to 10%. This proved how quickly Suzy was learning about Mercy’s business, and what the patients really needed help with.

One of the most difficult customer interactions Mercy Radiology previously faced was getting correct referral details. At Ambit, we developed the ability for a patient to upload a photo of their referral via the chatbot, which meant that Mercy could then easily coordinate and book that patient in.

Suzy continues to prove that a Digital Employee is an important asset in any customer service team, and Mercy Radiology continues to see the benefits.

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Watch Mercy Radiology COO, Michael Quirke, describe the ROI realised in a matter of months, and the important considerations applied when onboarding the technology.

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