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Chatbots Look Exciting! How Do I Get One?

Conversational artificial intelligence is the hot new kid in school. They’re cool, seemingly very smart, potentially a little dangerous, and everyone wants to get to know them. I’ll outline here how you get to know them, and by association, become cool yourself.

A few things are clear to me within this exciting and rapidly evolving world of conversational artificial intelligence, today I’ll focus on two:

  1. People are universally excited by the prospect of what a bot could do for their organisation
  2. They’re frequently uncertain on how to move through the exploration and implementation process
So, to help guide people’s understanding of what the stages are in bot evolution, we created the Bot Maturity Model. Last week you’ll recall the hierarchy of needs style pyramid, this week we’ve toppled that fella on his side and expanded out the steps in explanation. I’ll let the model speak for itself, as hopefully it’s conclusive and explanative. Note a couple of things – its in 2 images to fit on your mobile device. You’re welcome. Level 1 & 2 have no examples, as its probably you. This is our copyright, please feel free to share. Get in touch with me and I’ll send you a friendlier version.

Bot Maturity Model 1 - 3

Bot Maturity Model 4 - 6

I’m optimistic that this is of some value to you. The key takeaway I’d like for you is this. I see a future where we all have a personal assistant bot. This bot knows our preferences, desires, budgets and quirks. It books holidays, manages finances, schedules meetings and deals with other real life (yes first world) problems. To get there however, you need to start here. To paraphrase Alice in Wonderland; if the destination you’d like to achieve is AI, then the road you must take is the Bot Maturity Model.

As a shameless piece of self-promotion, we’ve outlined what we do at each stage. Ambit is a turnkey solution provider of enterprise grade (SMB appropriate) chatbots. Keep updated at or visit my profile below!

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