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The Changing Face of Digital Customer Service

[Webinar] The Changing Face of Digital Customer Service - How Chatbot Technology is Accelerating the Win!

The world of customer service has transformed - with digital methods of connection on the rise.

Live chat, digital avatars, chatbots, virtual assistants - the possibilities are endless, but which technology suits what purpose?

As part of #Techweek2020, Noel Leeming's Dylan Weymouth joins Ambit's Tim Warren and Sam Siebert to traverse the ever burgeoning field of digital customer service, the tools, technologies, and tricks used to connect, and the key learnings from recent projects.

This on-demand webinar shares new insight into the cost savings, increased revenue opportunity, and time savings realised through the application and integration of an AI-powered chatbot.

Watch the free on-demand webinar here.

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