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Customer support

Checks and balances are put in place in every financial organisation to ensure compliance with stringent Government and regulatory body regulations. But we’re all human - right? With human intervention, comes risk. Risk that a check is missed from a crucial box in delivering advice, approving a loan, or allocating current rates or fees. With a digital employee, you minimise this risk by providing consistent, true information - as required. An auditor’s dream.

Augmented customer service

The volumes of inquiry that you’re faced with is increasing. 80% or more of these inquiries are the same. ‘How much money can I borrow?’, ‘Where is the closest branch to me?’, ‘What hours are you open?’, ‘What are the fees associated with your products’, ‘What’s the interest rate today’, ‘How do I open an account’. Imagine your customers having access to the latest rates and fees - instantly! Having a human look up this information from a system - provides minimal value. Automating responses to inquiries like these through a digital employee means you’re putting your systems to good use - and your people too.

Trusted advice. Every time

Personalisation is demanded. We expect our suppliers to give us what we want, when we want it, on the channels we prefer. This means you’re offering a much broader range of products and services than ever before - and your team struggle to keep up with what’s on offer. By leveraging the power of an automated conversation platform - integrated with your existing apps and digital services - you can provision a digital employee that knows all. Scripted, on-brand, and always available, your customers will be provisioned with the information they need, when they need it.