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Solutions by industry

Access data in a matter of seconds

Government departments have a requirement to keep huge volumes of data on file for many years. With the amount of information increasing exponentially, finding what you need, when you need it becomes a challenge. Ambit’s open architecture means that a Digital Employee built on our platform can access all of this information, sort through it instantly, and provide a response to queries 24/7.

Public service, done right

How good would it be to have a simple way to find information like when rates are due, how to register the dog, when the rubbish is going to be collected after a public holiday, how to get a pothole outside of the house fixed, or how to apply for a marriage license. A Digital Employee will help to enhance the experience Government departments, like local councils provide to the public by providing instant access to the information they need.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Consumers are increasingly conducting their lives online. And Governments need to keep up. The proof? According to global statistics, there are 17.7 billion connected devices in the world, a global population of only 7.7 billion and 56% of countries connected to the internet. Through the use of clever technology like Digital Employees, Government departments can provide the slick online services consumers expect, respond to requests faster, and free real people up to do more valuable tasks.