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Digital employees that care

Checks and balances are put in place in every financial organisation to ensure compliance with stringent Government and regulatory body regulations. But we’re all human - right? With human intervention, comes risk. Risk that a check is missed from a crucial box in delivering advice, approving a loan, or allocating current rates or fees. With a digital employee, you minimise this risk by providing consistent, true information - as required. An auditor’s dream.

Real-time access to information

Evidential proof - like photos, videos and claims can be provided real-time to a digital employee - offering an immediate response to your client. You’ll also be confident that any information provided will be integrated into your existing insurance systems and stored in a compliant way, so you can access it at a later date. As well as that, a digital employee has access to all of the records and data you have on your clients and can access this instantly.

Engaging conversations deliver

By asking a few pointed questions, a digital employee can present the next best offer to a prospective customer. By accessing your data stores, a digital employee has all the information they need to determine whether a prospect qualifies for your products, can provision a quote, and even transact a deal. With integration into e-commerce applications, your prospects can convert into paying customers through their engagement with your digital employee - without any interaction from a member of your team.