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Access to the records you need, when you need them

As a provider of wealth advice, including superannuation schemes, you’re required to retain an ever growing store of records. Accessing this information when you need it, and providing answers to clients based on their data is easy when handled by a digital employee. Tapping into these deep data stores, a digital employee helps advisors provide the advice required to make the best financial decision - including up to the minute market advice.

Wealth advice made easy

How good would it be to have a simple way to find information like when rates are due, how to register the dog, when the rubbish is going to be collected after a public holiday, how to get a pothole outside of the house fixed, or how to apply for a marriage license. A digital employee will help to enhance the experience Government departments, like local councils provide to the public by providing instant access to the information they need.

The right conversation. Every time

The beauty of onboarding a digital employee in the provision of wealth advice, is that all dialogue that forms part of the conversation is scripted and checked by your legal team first. You’ll rest in the knowledge that your digital employee will never go off script and keep your advisors safe.