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Take your customer experience to new heights

As a tourist, it’s an exciting time planning and researching travel plans. When it comes to searching for information about flights, accommodation, attractions, rentals, and more, nothing beats the simplicity of asking a question in your own words and receiving the exact answer you’re looking for. A Digital Employee understands human language and responds accordingly in real-time, meaning customers no longer have to navigate through multiple layers of information to find the answers they need, allowing them to plan their travel to perfection.

Engaging conversations deliver

By simply asking a few pointed questions, a Digital Employee can present the next best offer to potential travellers on the spot while they’re engaged. By taking into account your customers travel preferences from the conversation history, and insights from similar customers, a Digital Employee can tailor their response to promote special offers, potential upgrades, similar attractions and more, that are personalised to each customer. Automate new sales and generate additional revenue without having to lift a finger.

Be where your customers are

Digital channels are now the preferred method of customers in researching travel options, bookings, flights, accommodation, and attractions. And with most research done outside of work hours, if your customers don’t find the information they’re looking for, they’re likely to jump ship to a competitor. A Digital Employee never skips a beat and is available 24/7, responding immediately to customer requests.