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Enter the age of connected conversations

The utilities sector is now an information sector amidst massive transformation - with the proliferation of photovoltaics, smart meters, electric vehicles, battery storage, community microgrids, and smart appliances changing the game. Consumers demand personalisation based on their actual consumption behaviour, and it’s companies delivering this, will win.

Power to the people

When connected to deep data stores, digital employees provide a way for companies like yours to put the power back in the hands of your customers. Your Digital Employee is available 24/7 to answer queries about outages, account details, better pricing plans, and more - when and where your customers demand the answers.

Staying ahead of the curve

Outages happen. And knowing when and where your utility will be restored is often a matter of life or death. A Digital Employee takes the load off your team in peak demand, instantly providing access to information on when and where the utility will be restored.