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Trusted advice - every time

Rest assured your Digital Employee is providing your customers and their pets with the specialist advice they need, every time. A Digital Employee is easily trained to provide customers with the high quality service and expert advice your clinic is renowned for. And because the Ambit platform is powered by artificial intelligence, your Digital Employee is smart too, learning over time with every interaction.

Reducing the burden

High overheads and limited subsidies mean many veterinary practices aren’t equipped with large scale customer service teams to accommodate modern consumers' needs for immediate information. As well as this, answering basic questions and repeating low-value jobs takes staff away from the tasks that matter the most - providing the best animal care possible. Automating responses to repetitive enquiries through a Digital Employee means you’re putting your systems to good use - and your people too.

Speed of essence

Pets and animals can fall ill or get hurt at any time of day, and 24/7 customer service is costly or almost impossible to provide on a regular basis - even when it’s needed the most. A Digital Employee is available 24/7 with no wait times, allowing you to address your customers and their animals' needs immediately, when and where they need it, regardless of the time of day.