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Ambit is used by some of the world’s leading brands, from every industry. Whether it’s automating the provision of answers to frequently asked questions, helping visitors navigate your website, reducing the time it takes to onboard staff, or providing a new eCommerce tool for your customers. The use cases are endless.

Customer Service

Deliver your customers what they want, anywhere, anytime.

Digital Employees add a new dimension to the way in which you provide support to your customers - immediately, online, 24/7. Instead of completing online forms, making a phone call or browsing the help section of your website, a digital employee will answer frequently asked questions on the spot. Designed to understand questions in different ways, a Digital Employee responds like a human. All the while, freeing your people up to add more value to your customers. Providing advice such as store locations, opening hours, career opportunities, account balances, order status, shipping costs, what’s on sale, credit checks, mortgage applications, a Digital Employee will improve the experience your customers have with your business. And if the Digital Employee gets stuck, or your customer wants to talk to a real person, a seamless transition can take place. You’ll also have the benefit of being able to collect vast amounts of data about your customers perceptions and concerns - and you’ll be in a better position to respond to their needs in the future.

Human Resources & Payroll

The cost of acquiring new staff and the time it takes to on-board them is significant. Standard questions a new employee might have, like ‘how do I book leave’, or ‘what’s my KiwiSaver balance’, or ‘how do I get in touch with another member of staff’ absorb the time of the HR team. Imagine if you could speed up the on-boarding process and free up your HR team by providing access to all of the relevant information a new hire needs through a Digital Employee - a chatbot that knows the answers to all of your frequently asked questions who is available any time of the day or night. All of this is possible with a Digital Employee powered by the Ambit platform.

IT Helpdesk

An internal IT helpdesk team is faced with all sorts of enquiries... ranging from, “I’ve broken my phone, how do I get a new one”, to “How do I apply for leave”. Onboarding a Digital Employee enables you to provide a ‘go-to-guru’ for your staff. Always on, 24/7, a Digital Employee is on the job to answer frequently asked questions from across the business. Helpdesk staff are freed up to solve the trickier and more interesting problems and ultimately expand their skill-set. Business as usual tasks become more efficient and the speed and responsiveness of a digital employee improves engagement - across the board. The Ambit platform integrates with applications like ServiceNow and Jira, so the experience for staff - whether on the receiving end or the delivery end - is seamless.


An aging population, rising fees associated to superannuation products, and a below average performance of certain funds continues to put pressure on providers. As a consumer, confusion reigns in determining the right fund for your lifestyle. How much, how often, with who? All common questions. With a Digital Employee from Ambit, superannuation organisations can provide the education necessary to demystify the often confusing world of retirement savings. Topics like types of fund, contribution amounts, tax implications, and even the impact of new technologies like crypto currencies can be provided - all designed to increase the levels of engagement with your customers. Advisory services represent 40-50% of the overall cost in the provision of wealth advice. Through automating conversations - delivered through a Digital Employee, you’ll see a reduction in these costs. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that a Digital Employee stays on script - with content vetted by your legal team before advice is provided to a customer.