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Vector uses Ambit to reduce
call volumes and speed up
response times

We asked Vector's Digital Transformation Manager,
Sam Lake about his experience of working with Ambit.

Watt, by Vector

Vector, New Zealand’s largest distributor of electricity and gas, owns and operates networks which span the Auckland region.

Vector operates in a highly regulated environment and is measured on consumer trust, customer effort and accessibility of its services. Working with Ambit, Vector launched its chatbot ‘Watt’ in August 2018 to help its customers quickly and efficiently access the information they need.Vector Book Mockup-1

Find out more in the full customer story:

• How Watt decreased 5% (2000 phone calls) to Vector's phone number from the get go
• The value Watt brought to Vector's customer service team especially when customers wanted information fast
•How Watt transformed Vector's customer service and created immense value
• The positive experience Watt brought to website visitors
• How a digital employee assisted with the website optimisation, even before it was considered fully 'ready' by the team

Download the full customer story.

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