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Instant, highly relevant, and personalised advice
for parents and their little ones at any time of the day or night

Lee, by The Little Ones

The Little Ones’ digital employee, Lee sits behind a pay-walled community called, “The Village” where parents chat with her and other parents. 

She provides consultative care and support in automated chat through Little Ones’ authenticated platform experience. Parents in need of support can talk to Lee at any time. The result is instant, highly relevant, and personalised advice for parents and their little ones at any time of the day or night.

The unique element to Little Ones’ conversations is that the customer’s program data is sent upfront to Lee. This results in a more personalised conversation right from the start, as the bot already knows who the customer is, the names of their children and specific details that apply to the context of the conversation, such as their ages, and the programs they are using.

“If we think about the age group that our customers fall into,” says Amanda Sneddon, Founder of the The Little Ones. “They are not strangers to this type of technology. It’s second nature to them, and they’re already comfortable with engaging with a chatbot.”

Little Ones agree their measurement of success is their ability to continue to grow the business while saving on expenditure, and generating additional revenue while improving the customer experience.

“We’re looking forward to our parents feeling satisfied that they get the answers that will help them with what they’re faced with at that hour of the morning.” concludes Nicky.

Over 160,000 families around the world rely on Little Ones’ expertly crafted programmes to achieve better sleep and nutrition for their children.

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