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reduced volume for support agents

An AI chatbot for Kiwisaver is ready for you.

Ready-built for Kiwisaver providers and powered by GPT technology, your business can start seeing the ROI quickly.



Starter bot


Limited messages per month

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Facebook Messenger integration

Email support only

The Kiwisaver Package


AI GPT-powered platform using your content 

Natural language Q & A

Pre-trained, customisable Kiwisaver conversations 

Access to full Ambit platform and custom topic creation.

Financial Services Council best-practice aligned


Branded character and avatar design

Full security and privacy compliance

Omni-channel deployment options (web, social media, app)

Unlimited customer / member conversations

Prebuilt and custom Integrations available

Realtime analytics and reporting

Dedicated CSM for maintenance and support

Live chat handover

Quick deployment and ROI

Custom-built bot


Customisable enterprise plans
to suit your business, that includes:

Custom branded avatar

Email, SMS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, HubSpot, Zendesk integrated

Customer data collection

Insights and reporting 

API channel integrations 

Customer authentication 

On-call support

...and more!

We have a team dedicated to great customer service, but as our business grew, we needed to implement a technology solution to supplement our award-winning customer services team. So Ambit developed Artie for us–our own AI chatbot that manages enquiries via our website. We’re looking forward to seeing Artie enhance his career as our digital employee by incorporating Ambit’s latest GPT technology, offering guided processes to help our customers self-support online.

Sebastian Neubrandt, Simplicity

Support for the lifetime of
KiwiSaver investments

Ambit supports all of the most common KiwiSaver-related queries your customers want to chat to you about - straight out of the box.

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  • Fund selector
  • Retirement plans
  • Other investment options
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  • Application assistance
  • Transfer overseas pension
  • Join as employer
  • Join as individual
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  • Change fund
  • Change PIR
  • Change contribution rate
  • Apply contribution holiday
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  • Early withdrawal options
  • Withdrawal FAQs
  • Offer financial services support

Fully integrated
on Facebook Messenger

Guide customers through over 70 KiwiSaver queries on whichever channel they use from web chat to Facebook Messenger chat.

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