Power up your customer
service with a chatbot
designed for Utilities

Improve response times, maximise customer retention
and minimise costs by automating enquiries at scale.

Enter the age of connected conversations

The utilities sector is now an information sector amidst massive transformation.

Consumers demand personalisation based on consumption behaviour, and it’s companies delivering this through AI chatbots that will win.


Power to the people

When connected to deep data stores, AI chatbots provide a way for companies to put the power back in the hands of their customers.

A chatbot is available 24/7 to answer queries about outages, account details, better pricing plans, and more - when and where your customers demand.

Staying ahead of the curve

Outages happen. An AI chatbot takes the load off your team in peak demand, instantly providing customers with access to information on when and where the utility will be restored.



automate up to 80%
of enquiries


reduction in customer
service costs


instant responses around
the clock

Chatbot use cases
for Utilities

Customer Support

Reduce wait times and call volumes by providing instant answers to customer requests, no matter the time of day.

  • Updates on outages
  • Set up & installation
  • Schedule a technician
  • Usage & meter reading
  • Start service
Account Management

Handle high volumes of customer enquiries with ease by automating the resolution of low-value, repetitive tasks.

  • Update contact details
  • Update billing information
  • Password resets
  • Check balances
  • View & update plans
  • Update payment options
  • Account troubleshooting
Drive Revenue

Automate actions that increase revenue by providing personalised digital experiences anywhere, anytime. 

  • Upgrade plans & products
  • Offer promotions, rewards & discounts
  • Make account payments
  • Up-sell with related products & services
  • Extended warranties
  • Manage subscriptions & sign-ups

Packed with features you'll love

Code-free conversation design
Create automated conversations without a single line of code.
Live chat handover
Seamlessly transition from an automated conversation to a live agent when required.
Actionable insights
All the data you need to make informed business decisions.
Up-sell & Cross-sell
Keep customers engaged with related products or promotions at the right time.
Powerful conversation engine
Create natural and realistic conversations that drive revenue.
Seamless integrations
Easily connect Ambit chatbots with your existing systems.

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