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Actionable insights
for better business

Discover how Ambit's AI-powered chatbots
deliver insights that improve business processes.

AI-powered chatbots not only streamline customer service processes, but also drive actionable insights used to improve customer service across the board.

The Insights feature on the Ambit platform is a powerful analytics engine that allows you to make rapid business decisions based on real-time engagement with your chatbot.

Are you really listening?

Ambit allows you to capture all of the genuine and honest interactions customers are having with your brand, in real-time, giving you an accurate picture of what’s most important to them and the challenges they’re facing.

Sentiment analysis provides visibility into which parts of a conversation flow trigger negative experiences so you can resolve them quickly. Identify areas that lead to success and replicate them in conversations that need improvement.

Identify trending topics and act fast to serve new responses that provide immediate assistance.
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Beyond the basics

Automate customer service at scale with a chatbot that evolves as your business grows.
 Gain visibility into the topics and conversations. Quickly identify areas for development and broaden the scope of your chatbot, improving its capability on the fly.
Track the completion rate of conversations and see where customers are abandoning them and improve the design of specific conversations, leading to a richer, more engaging experience.

Results speak for themselves

Performance tracking that provides insights to improve and optimise customer experience.
Monitor the number of conversations happening at any given time and know when your chatbot is adding the most value.

Understand how many customers completed specific actions, and track key milestones to uncover areas for improvement.
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Real-time insights to make important business decisions

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