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Be where your
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Retail shopping is quickly becoming dominated by online alternatives. To survive, you need to provide customers with a way to transact with you, when and where they want.

64% of consumers agree that businesses should be available to transact and converse with them via instant messaging. Ambit chatbots provide a seamless integration with a host of messaging channels, digital avatars, and voice technology.


Speed of essence

Most online shopping is done outside of working hours. This means traditional customer service is costly or impossible to provide - when it’s needed the most.

One-third of millennials are willing to wait only 1-to-3 minutes to get a response to their queries. An AI chatbot replies to enquiries in a matter of seconds, is available 24/7, and never misses a beat.

Not just another offer

Just like a great instore retail assistant, an AI chatbot can determine what your customer might also like to add to their order, based on insights from other buyers like them.

Through an integrated ecommerce function, you can instantly up-sell other products and services, check stock availability, and process the order.



reduction in customer service costs


call deflection rate


more sales than any other
digital channel

Chatbot use cases
for Retail & eCommerce

Drive Revenue

Boost profits by automating actions that increase sales and drive revenue 24/7.

  • Up-sell with related products, warranties and services
  • Easily add items to orders
  • Offer personalised cross-sell opportunities
  • Recommend products based on past purchases
  • Manage subscriptions and sign ups
Customer Support

Reduce customer support costs by automating low value & repetitive enquiries around the clock.

  • Share return and refund policies
  • Help with warranties
  • Find nearest store
  • Check store hours
  • Inventory & stock levels
  • Provide fitting and sizing assistance
  • Live chat handover
Order Management

Easily handle basic customer requests and free up staff to add value where it matters the most.

  • Provide order tracking
  • Share delivery status updates
  • Assist with order changes and updates
  • Help make exchanges

Packed with features you'll love

Code-free conversation design
Create automated conversations without a single line of code.
Live chat handover
Seamlessly transition from an automated conversation to a live agent when required.
Actionable insights
All the data you need to make informed business decisions.
Up-sell & cross-sell
Keep customers engaged with related products or promotions at the right time.
Powerful conversation engine

Create natural and realistic conversations that drive revenue.

Seamless integrations
Easily connect Ambit chatbots with your existing systems.

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