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By Ambit
on July 01, 2021

Enterprise grade chatbot platform helps businesses deploy a digital assistant to their website.

Auckland, New Zealand - 30 June, 2020 - Vodafone New Zealand today announced an exclusive partnership with Ambit to bring their enterprise grade chatbot platform underpinned by AI and natural language processing, designed to deliver 24/7 personalised customer service, to its contact centre customers across Aotearoa.

By Ryan Gould
on June 25, 2021

As more and more consumers shop online, businesses must find new and innovative ways to improve the buying experience for end customers.

One way to do this is with AI chatbots.

By Tim Warren
on June 17, 2021

Incorporating AI-powered chatbots into online experiences gives marketers a greater range of options for serving customers – from fast, accurate, and consistent, to more nuanced and empathetic, depending on their need.

By Maja Talevska
on June 15, 2021

This week's article is a guest blog written by Maja Talevska of ReviewMoose.

The millennial generation (those born between 1981 and 1996) are, in size, larger than any other adult cohort.

In 2020 approximately 1.8 billion, or 23% of the global population belonged to the millennial generation.

By Tim Warren
on May 20, 2021

As consumers seek out more personalised experiences online, retailers must find strategies for technology to take the volume while people take care of the value.

Forrester predicts more than 25% of all US retail sales to occur online by 2024, a figure which poses a real challenge to retailers to change their business model to deliver world-class customer experiences at that scale.  

By Mark Norman
on April 13, 2021

Chatbots are the talk of the town. They’re one of the hottest topics in the technology world today.

Like any new technology, much of the fact and fiction gets jumbled up. This leads to a number of myths and misconceptions that sway popular opinion, particularly among decision makers.

By Ambit
on March 12, 2021

Release date: 11 March, 2021
Bot name: Lee

Auckland, New Zealand - 12 March, 2020 - Over 160,000 families around the world rely on Little Ones’ expertly crafted programmes to achieve better sleep and nutrition for their children. Parents access their program information, and a pay-walled community called, “The Village” where they chat with other parents and a fully remote, trained team of sleep consultants. 

By Mark Norman
on March 10, 2021

Businesses are now expected to respond to and solve customer queries instantly to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customers no longer wait for businesses to respond. They need their answers, and they need them now.

Businesses need to evolve to meet changing customer demands. They also need to scale their operations to cope with the increasing volume of customer engagement through digital channels.

By Mark Norman
on February 23, 2021

The ways customers interact with businesses have drastically changed in previous years.

From the early days of face-to-face interactions, phone calls and contact centres, the customer service experience has evolved exponentially.

Shifts in consumer behaviour and advancements in technology are both catalysts for change.

By Mark Norman
on February 10, 2021

Experts predict that 85% of customer interactions will be handled without human agents in 2021, the vast majority of those handled by chatbots and virtual assistants.

Why? The traditional means of servicing customers struggle to provide the type of experience that modern consumers demand. Customers now expect a faster, more engaging, and personalised level of service than ever before.