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Deliver a better automated customer experience with a Voice of Customer Review

Hone your conversational AI into something customers
truly want to engage with and continue to invest time
and purchases through.

VoC Review

The first step to exceeding customer expectations is to know what those are.

Customer expectations have risen. When it comes to customer service and support, it's no longer enough to simply satisfy customer needs - you need to exceed them.


Meeting this challenge requires businesses to embed customer-centric thinking and empathy across their conversational AI journey and it starts with understanding the voice of your customer.

Understanding your customers needs, expectations and their view of your business offering, places the customer at the heart of your business; Drives strategic decisions, creates key differentiators and new value streams. The best way to do this is through automated conversations at scale using direct communication and words of your customers.

Ready to take the first step?
No matter if you're a small, medium or enterprise company, creating and implementing a CX strategy through automated conversation can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you get your team and stakeholders on board? How do you prioritise initiatives? The answer is with a Voice of Customer Review.

Send us your customer data. We'll deliver insights into customer behaviour and voice, together with recommendations on how to improve your customer experience and showcase what can be converted into automated conversations.Then we'll add the Ambit Advantage of natural conversation, and make them feel as natural as talking to a friend.

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What advantages will it give my business?

  • Make informed decisions derived from the insights we get from the data. No more guessing or making assumptions that need to be tested to get a baseline to start working from.

  • Understand your customers’ behaviour, voice and sentiments around your service and brand and tailor responses to them personally.

  • Uncover insights and turn them into automated actions which save resources, and uncover revenue generation opportunities.



Demonstrating how Voice of Customer Review works

What outcomes will I get?

Insights into customer behaviour

  • Save on costs to test: Conversations built on solid data by a conversation design specialist increases the rate of success as they are more accurate and personalised to your target audience.

  • Generate more sales and/or leads, deflect first contact resolution enquiries from your contact centre staff as customers self-serve effectively, and increase customer satisfaction rates.

  • Uncover opportunities to automate business processes, and conversations. Automation increases efficiency and reduces cost to serve.

Structured data arranged into trends, topics, and sentiment

  • Ready-to-go conversation utterances enable conversation designers to build conversation models even faster. Your enterprise-grade digital employee will be up and running within days to weeks and you’ll see quick time-to-value.

  • Recognise trends which you can act on.

  • Know how customers feel when engaging with your business means you can fix problem areas and optimise opportunities.

  • Build a business case for a digital employee based on real data and insights to take to your team.

  • Make more accurate predictions around ROI.

How do I get started?

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