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Powerful integrations to take
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Ambit integrates with your existing systems to 
engage and retain more customers with ease.

Bringing systems and people together

Power up your business by easily connecting Ambit with the systems you use every day.

Live chat handover from chatbot to agent and back again.

Integration with Ambit's conversation platform enables you to offer the automated customer service you need to scale your business.

Search for and pull verified customer data from HubSpot directly into Ambit chatbot conversations such as account information, booking details and more.

Turn visitors into buyers with guided shopping experiences. Upsell & cross-sell, add items to cart, suggest out of stock alternatives, track delivery status and more.

Utilising Twilio's APIs, Ambit chatbots are able to interact with users in any of Twilio's channels. Like SMS, WhatsApp, phone calls, etc.

Deliver more effective customer support on desktop, web, and mobile devices through the Ambit Platform.

Access data from Facebook to enhance your customer conversations and provide superior customer service.

Integration with AWS means our clients gain access to intelligent chatbots that consistently perform and produce great ROI.

Integrating with the Soul Machines platform provides the ability to create lifelike digital human avatars.

Gain the ability to take web-based card and Online EFTPOS payments within any conversation with your chatbot.

Provide users with accurate address and location information in real-time to assist with delivery status, tracking information, store details and more.

Easy automation for busy people.

Integrating with the UneeQ platform grants the ability to create lifelike digital human avatars.

Design, secure, and scale application programming interfaces (APIs).

Create, link and comment on Jira issues without leaving Ambit.

Upload documents through the Ambit chatbots and automatically store/send these documents to the desired location.

Single sign-on features for your chatbot. Log in to the Ambit platform with Azure details to make security much that much tighter.

Ambit's extensible Analytics feature allows clients to plug into their Analytics service to track conversations.

Ambit's extensible Analytics feature allows clients to plug into their Analytics service to track conversations.

Integrate with many different channels, including voice assistants and digital avatars.

Send data from conversations with your customers straight into Google Sheets.

Centralise all of your notifications from the Ambit Platform into Slack where your team can discuss and take action.

Utilise data from LinkedIn to understand contact information and enhance your customer conversations.

Automate the process of uploading data from your chatbot conversations straight to your CRM.

Gain data for the weather and instantly relay the information to your customers within any conversation.

Open source automation server which enables developers around the world to reliably build, test, and deploy their software.

Channel Integrations

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Make the most of your data

Integrate Ambit with the systems you use every day to make better business decisions.

Enhance existing support platforms; provide a smooth handover to live chat, ticketing and more. Customers get a seamless experience and agents don't need to learn new technology.

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Easy as "ABC"

We’re focused on making it easy to connect Ambit to the systems you’re already using.

Built on an open architecture and using the latest technology, Ambit’s plugin architecture makes integrating with existing HTTP APIs and services a breeze.

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