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Scalable and compliant
automated customer service
for Financial Services

Build powerful customer relationships and reduce acquisition
costs with a highly personalised chatbot experience.


reduction in customer
service costs


call deflection rate


instant responses around
the clock

Delight customers with seamless experiences, transparency and flexibility. Educate them each step of the way.

Ambit comes loaded with over 70 financial service related queries, out of the box.

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Loan Applications
  • Apply for a personal loan
  • Confirm eligibility
  • Review and agree T&C’s
  • Document uploads
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Self Service
  • Increase credit limits
  • Troubleshoot accounts
  • Live handover
  • Promote add-ons
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24/7 Support
  • Account related enquiries
  • Secure accounts of lost cards
  • Replacement cards
  • Set up direct debit requests

Deliver streamlined, efficient client and policyholder experiences

Provide engaging self-service options that automatically solve routine enquiries.

✔ Enquiries about credit cards
Activate a credit card via post
✔ Request terms & conditions
✔ Request statements of a credit facility
✔ Increase the limit of a credit facility
✔ Apply for personal loans
✔ Maximum borrowing amounts
✔ Personal loan requirements

Automate repetitive account management enquiries

Speed up response times and reduce support costs.

Deflect more enquiries from your contact centre to your digital employee.

✔  View pending transactions
✔  Cancel an account
✔  Fee enquiries associated with a card
✔  Replace lost & stolen cards
✔  Payment amounts to close loan

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