Expert solutions for
Financial Services
and Insurance

Streamline customer service processes to control costs
and boost revenue with Ambit's AI chatbots.

Superior customer support

Checks and balances are put in place in every financial organisation to ensure compliance with stringent government and regulatory body regulations.

With human intervention, comes risk. Risk that a check is missed from a crucial box in delivering advice, approving a loan, or allocating current rates or fees. An AI chatbot, minimises risk by providing consistent, true information as required.

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Augmented customer service

The volumes of enquiries businesses are faced with is increasing. 80% or more of these enquiries are the same. 

Imagine customers having access to the latest rates and fees instantly. Having a human look up this information from a system - provides minimal value. Automating responses to enquiries like these with a chatbot means putting systems to good use.

Trusted advice. Every time

Leverage the power of an AI chatbot by integrating with existing apps and digital services.

Scripted, on-brand, and always available, customers will be provisioned with the information they need, when they need it.

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automate up to 80%
of enquiries


reduction in customer
service costs


instant responses around
the clock

Chatbot use cases for
Financial Services & Insurance

Account Management

Dramatically reduce wait times and contact centre inefficiencies by empowering customers to self-serve.

  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Change passwords
  • Update personal information
  • Check account balances
  • Find account numbers
  • Solve account access issues
Customer Support

Reduce your cost to serve by automating customer enquiries and give your customer the support they need, instantly.

  • Get information on credit limits, interest rates etc.
  • Submit and manage claims
  • Credit checks, pre-assessments and approvals
  • Compare plans
  • Provide policy details and payment options
  • Find nearest branch and opening hours
  • Share fees, rates and charges
  • Provide status updates
  • Hand over to live agents
Drive Revenue

Effortlessly increase conversions and automate actions that drive revenue with proactive, personalised conversations.

  • Provide online quotes
  • Automate application processes
  • Promos, special offers and add-ons
  • Book appointments
  • Share reward program information
  • Promote new products and services 
  • Apply for new cards, loans, mortgages

Packed with features you'll love

Code-free conversation design
Create automated conversations without a single line of code.
Live chat handover
Seamlessly transition from an automated conversation to a live agent when required.
Actionable insights
All the data you need to make informed business decisions.
Up-sell & Cross-sell
Keep customers engaged with related products or promotions at the right time.
Powerful conversation engine
Create natural and realistic conversations that drive revenue.
Seamless integrations
Easily connect Ambit chatbots with your existing systems.

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