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AI-first conversations
to improve customer
interactions for Logistics

Minimise costs and automate customer service
requests with ease with an Ambit Digital Employee.

Ambit customers typically experience


reduction in customer
service costs


cost to serve per customer


automated customer enquiries

Automate conversations to drive first class customer satisfaction

Ambit handles your top customer queries out of the box
Generate ROI and increase customer satisfaction 

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Track and Trace integration
Provide order tracking
Share delivery status
Real-time updates
Account management
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Delight customers with auditable, seamless experiences, transparency and flexibility

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Increase CSAT

Deliver onbrand, standardised customer engagement across all channels night and day



Delivery Status

Automatically handle routine enquiries efficiently. Provide quick, correct information at your customer's convenience.

✔  Account management
✔  Identity verification
✔  Delivery status updates
✔  Solve complex requests
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Assist your customers...

Help your customers from pick-up to delivery

  • Book collections quickly and easily
  • Get real-time status updates
  • Track their parcels
  • Receive a personalised experience
  • Get real-time customer support

Live Handover

Escalate enquiries effortlessly to humans when it counts. Ensure your customers feel they’re a priority with a seamless, instant experience where they can speak to a real person.

✔  Reduce service volumes
✔  Provide context for your agents
✔  Give specialist advice to customers

Depot Queries

Reduce service volume to your team with automated conversation flows around the most frequently asked questions.

✔  Location opening hours
✔  Locations
✔  Company contact info

Make your customer service an awesome experience

They’re already your customer, yet competition is high. It’s easier than ever to switch suppliers.

AI-powered chatbots build customer loyalty through instant, positive and frictionless service and support experiences. Escalate high-value requests to agents through live chats to continue the focused support.

Trusted by leading brands

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Our Digital Employee is seen as a great lead-gen tool. If we have four consultants on calls, and four consultants working just with the digital employee – the digital employee consultants outsell the other
consultants every day.

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