Low-code chatbot platform for better business

An easy-to-use conversational AI platform to build intelligent chatbots and automate conversations.


A platform to take your business to the next level

The Ambit conversation platform is designed for scale, and rapid delivery – empowering you to move faster to meet your most important business needs.

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Maximise revenue

Automate actions that drive revenue through an engaging and personalised conversational experience.
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Reduce costs

Eliminate inefficient processes by automating customer service at scale and dramatically reduce cost to serve.
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Boost CSAT

Best-of-breed technology to deliver world-class customer experiences that boost loyalty and maximise retention.

Code-free conversation design

Automate business processes using artificial intelligence without developers. With the Ambit platform, you can easily create automated, engaging conversations without a single line of code.

Our intuitive drag-and-drop conversation builder allows users to focus on building and optimising meaningful conversations that deliver value.

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Data and direction you need to drive business outcomes

Ambit delivers actionable insights you need to make rapid business decisions based on real-time customer enquiries.

Get complete visibility into what your customers are chatting about - when and on what channels.

Monitor and measure the success of conversations, and easily identify areas for expansion or improvement.

Integration made easy

Built on an open architecture and using the latest technology and tools, Ambit’s plugin architecture makes it simple to integrate with existing HTTP APIs and services. 

Get the most out of your data. Integrate Ambit chatbots with the business systems you use everyday and deliver automation instantly across channels to engage with your customers wherever they are, 24/7.

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Build, manage and optimise chatbots without code

Packed with features you'll love

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Conversational AI

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows chatbots to engage in natural and realistic conversations that enhance the customer experience.

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Quick to deploy

Deploy sophisticated chatbots in record time. Realise the ROI on your investment almost immediately.

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Dynamic content
Bots aren't just limited to words. Enhance the conversation by adding dynamic content in the form of emoji's, images, GIFS, video, maps and more to create a truly unique experience.
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Machine Learning

Absorbing cues from the world around it, Ambit chatbots get smarter over time by utilising supervised machine learning.

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Complete scalability

Handle peak traffic volumes by automating an unlimited number of simultaneous conversations, regardless of the channel, location, or time of day.

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Up sell & Cross-sell

Provide personalised up sell & cross-sell opportunities to customers at the right time. Automate actions that drive revenue and keep customers out of the hands of competitors.

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Take it omnichannel

Give customers the support they deserve, wherever they are. Utilise chatbots across multiple channels; web, app, voice or avatar.

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Augment with live agents

Ambit chatbots are smart enough to detect when an enquiry requires a human touch and can seamlessly hand over the conversation to a live agent, and all the contextual information they need with it.

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Enterprise level infrastructure
The Ambit platform is built on world-leading infrastructure to ensure our customers receive the best service possible in terms of reliability, scalability and security.

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