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Don't make your customers wait.

Ambit customers typically experience


Return on investment


cost to serve per customer


reduction in customer
service costs

Connect with your customers at each stage of their journey

AI-first conversations to improve customer interactions.  Free up your agents from repetitive tasks.

A Digital Employee empowers your teams to handle the more complex customer queries, while automation/AI supports operations at scale to resolve repetitive, low-value, high volume queries reducing the load on the more expensive channels such as email.

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Generate ROI

Generate ROI and control costs with automation. Reduce cost to serve and keep your teams efficiently lean.

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Delight customers with auditable, seamless experiences, transparency and flexibility.
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Increase CSAT
Deliver onbrand, standardised customer engagement across all channels night and day.
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Customer Support
Count on dependable hosting, enjoy the flexibility of integrations and software as your business grows.

Smart Routing

Quickly triage and resolve complex customer requests before any agent interaction - intelligently connect them to the relevant agent.

Live Chat

The most powerful customer service tool. Agents have their own assigned/unassigned chat queues and visual as well as auto notifications of new chat requests so no chat gets left unturned.  

Reporting on total live chats, average wait times and average handle times provides visibility of customer demand and agent performance.


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Meet the demands of your customers at scale and pace

  • Accuracy - serve your customers the right information, every time
  • Automate - all low value queries
  • Deliver - increase sales while you focus on higher value queries
  • Scale - grow without hiring
  • 24/7 - immediate resolution
  • Speed - handle multiple queries at the same time
  • Cost to serve - reduce call volumes/load
  • Increase - customer and staff satisfaction and staff retention

Privacy Compliance - end-to-end encryption

We take security and privacy extremely seriously.

All conversation data that is sent between the customer’s browser and Ambit’s conversational AI platform is encrypted in transit so it cannot be intercepted and read by an unauthorised third party.

  • Personally identifiable information (PII) is redacted and not recorded.

  • Stored data is encrypted.

  • Each customer has their own database instance and each database instance uses a rotating AWS KMS key for encrypting data.

  • Databases are only accessible by approved Ambit components and are not directly accessible from any external applications or systems.


Live Handover

Escalate enquiries effortlessly to humans when it counts. Ensure your customers feel they’re a priority with a seamless, instant experience where they can speak to a real person.

✔  Reduce service volumes
✔  Provide context for your agents
✔  Give specialist advice to customers

Conversational analytics

Call center analytics - reduce operational costs while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Collect and analyse customer data to gain valuable insights about your contact centre performance. This includes CSAT (customer satisfaction), revenue data, customer retention, and service-level agreement (SLA) performance.

Trusted by leading brands

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Our Digital Employee is seen as a great lead-gen tool. If we have four consultants on calls, and four consultants working just with the digital employee – the digital employee consultants outsell the other
consultants every day.

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