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Outstanding conversational
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Mercer provides on-brand, accurate
advice around the clock to their customers

Elo, by Mercer

Mercer customers enjoy automated, consistent customer support and immediate answers to key KiwiSaver information 24/7 through their digital employee, Elo.

Mercer customers love the ability to engage with the chatbot when, where and how they choose. It's a simple solution to provide customer service at scale that's always on-brand, and up-to-date with accurate information.  

Elo handles a variety of customer enquiries from, "How to join" to investment options, to explanations about KiwiSaver and maximising Government contributions. He even facilitates a "Risk quiz" and assists customers to login to their accounts. His ability to assist with simple, common enquiries frees up the Mercer support team to engage when it counts, and makes their work-life that much more satisfying.


MERCER Digital Employee powered by Ambit

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