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Automate Conversational Customer Service at Scale

Noel Leeming upscaled their customer service
and saw 2.2x more upsells with Ambit.

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Noel Leeming, owned by The Warehouse Group, is a leading New Zealand consumer electronics and appliances multi-channel retailer.

Nation goes into lockdown, service teams flooded with enquiries.

eCommerce became the only way to shop at Noel Leeming when the 2020 pandemic caused the economy to lock down.

Customer service teams were inundated with high volumes of enquiries and support requests.

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Digital Employees provide automated customer care and drive revenue.

Noel Leeming launched Nola, a Digital Employee chatbot, to assist their team by automating customer care and enabling online retail through the service channel.

Partnering with Ambit, they implemented their automated conversational strategy to accommodate their customers and control service costs. What they didn’t expect was just how much revenue Nola would bring in upsells, unlocking even more opportunity.

"Our Digital Employee, Nola, is seen as a great lead-gen tool. If we have four consultants on calls, and four consultants working just with Nola – the Nola consultants outsell the other consultants every day."

- The Warehouse Group

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See how Noel Leeming deployed an AI chatbot in 12 days with integration to live chat to generate 2.2X more upsells and reduce their cost to serve.