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PBT onboards Ambit's
Awhi to provide
instant self-service

Available 24/7 on PBT's website, Awhi 

reduces response times, call volumes

and enhances customer experience


reduction in call volume


availability for instant responses


agent overheads saved

I remember One NZ describing what Ambit could do for PBT and I just thought I want this, I want this, I want this!

Awhi has exceeded all my expectations and more.

Gary Boxall-Hunt, National Manager - Customer Experience at PBT

The challenge

Gary Boxall-Hunt, PBT's National Manager - Customer Experience, is always in search of excellence in customer satisfaction.

Noticing that customers were spending an average of six minutes on a phone call for a response to simple questions, he began looking into alternative communication channels.

With a keen personal interest in how technology could help, Gary knew that by implementing a chatbot, PBT could:

  • streamline communication
  • improve efficiency
  • ultimately provide a better customer experience
Awhi Image PBT Case Study

The solution

Gary recommended that PBT invest in a GPT-powered chatbot to enhance its customer service operations. 

PBT was working in partnership with Vodafone (now One NZ) who were familiar with Ambit’s solutions and recommended they onboard an Ambit digital employee. 

With the silly season quickly approaching, Gary knew that having a chatbot trained and onboard by then was going to be a game changer.  Ambit delivered, hitting all agreed deadlines and had everything in place in time for the Christmas rush.

The benefits

"Onboarding Awhi has taken so much pressure away from the Contact Centre and the feedback from our clients has been amazing.  I love how it’s given PBT a better image in the mind of both our customers and receivers and how easy Awhi is to use" says Gary.

The results speak for themselves.  Call volumes have seen a significant reduction of 20%+.  PBT has reduced its overheads by the cost of one-and-a-half agents, with the potential of further reducing the cost to a saving of two agents.


Awhi Stats

Awhi has exceeded all my expectations and more, I’m looking forward to the next stage of the journey which I’m very, very excited about - it’s about what more Awhi can do for us - we haven’t looked back.

Gary Boxall-Hunt, National Manager - Customer Experience at PBT

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