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Tower's digital employee fast tracks
their customers' insurance claims

Tower Insurance streamlines insurance claims by providing a trusted,
automated conversational experience

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Charlie, by Tower Insurance

Tower's digital employee, Charlie, saves customers and the Insurance support team hours of their lives – and he never fails to do it without a smile.

Insurance claim processes can be tricky and arduous. Customers often experience unpleasant or stressful situations that lead them to make a claim in the first place. Charlie's always 'on-brand' natural approach and 24/7 availability enables him to deal with sensitive information, and ensure the provision of accurate and supportive customer service throughout each step of the customer life cycle.

Need to make a windscreen claim? He can pre-qualify and authorise your claim in under 5 minutes. His ability to access customer account info and check eligibility allows him to ensure their data is safeguarded, and their claim is lodged automatically, enabling the Tower call centre team to handle the more complex enquiries that need a specific human touch.

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Find out more in the full customer story:

  • How Charlie reduced volumes for chat agents by 11%

  • How Tower Insurance saw a 33% improvement in NPS scores

  • How Charlie handled over 63,184 conversations

  • How more than 14,714 chats were handled by Charlie outside of hours

  • And much more...


Download Customer Story

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