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Results in real time

We’ve all consulted Dr. Google for answers to our medical questions, but there’s no substitute for your own Doctor. With the advent of tele-medicine, access to medical advice is becoming a reality for so many. Built using the most robust security protocols, a digital employee from Ambit enables medical practitioners like you to enhance the patient experience by providing instant access to medical records, appointment availability, as well as access to lab tests and results the instant they become available.

Continuity of care

The cost of healthcare is increasing - for a number of reasons. A burgeoning aging population, increase in the amount of people with chronic diseases, and higher insurance premiums - all contributing. Regardless, continuity of care is a priority. With the introduction of new technologies like tele-medicine, robotics, and conversational intelligence, patients are able to stay connected to high quality and cost-effective medical care for the ongoing management of their health.

Reducing the burden

Your administration team are under pressure. Volumes of calls are increasing with patients wanting information now! More than 80% of enquiry is related to the same information - creating groundhog day for your team. A digital employee can alleviate the burden of these repetitive conversations, and provide answers, instantly. As well as that, because Ambit’s platform uses the latest in artificial intelligence technology, your digital employee is smart too, learning over time with every enquiry.