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By Ambit on March 20, 2020

Ambit COVID-19 Chatbot

Ambit has made available a COVID-19 advice chatbot at cost. This will be centrally maintained and updated as required. Various options are available. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Below are the questions currently supported by the Ambit COVID-19 chatbot. These will grow over time as required.

  • Company specific questions
    • BCP topics - What is your company's continuity plan?
    • Can I come see you? Are your branches / offices / shops still open?
    • What is your company doing about COVID-19?
    • Can I get a call back? Can someone call me?
  • Standard intents
    • How do I get to a doctor?
    • How many people have COVID-19?
    • Where did COVID-19 come from? (FAQs)
    • What health advice is recommended?
    • How do you catch the virus?
    • I am not feeling well
    • How to protect myself and others?
    • Can you tell me the latest update?
    • I'm feeling very anxious
    • How do I self-isolate?
    • What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
    • How to wash hands / hand washing etiquette
    • What is COVID-19
  • State of Emergency explanation
    • Why is COVID-19 a State of Emergency?
  • Current alert levels
    • Can I travel internationally during the current alert level?
    • Can I go for a walk in the park?
  • Essential businesses
    • What is the latest list of essential businesses?
  • Catch-all (directs to phone lines - either Healthline or Company)
    • I’m having financial difficulties, I have no money, I’ve lost my job
    • I need to know who to contact
  • Directing users to official information sources
    • Can share information relating to Government financial support packages
    • Can share information regarding New Zealand's COVID-19 alert level system
    • Can direct users to other relevant information sourced from New Zealand's official website or Australia's Department of Health website.
Published by Ambit March 20, 2020