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Ash Harder
By Ash Harder on February 10, 2023

Ambit harnesses GPT to revolutionise the customer experience

Recent publicity around GPT highlights the potential of the technology to help businesses revolutionise their customer experience according to Ambit.

Ambit trains a variety of GPT models to enhance its conversational AI platform. Known for natural, human-like experience, Ambit’s AI chatbots support organisations with high volumes of customer service calls, in retail, utilities and financial businesses, as well as logistics and payments.

“Demand for conversational AI is driven by organisations who need to scale up their customer service, often at short notice, while managing costs and addressing skills shortages,” says Tim Warren, Ambit’s CEO. 

Ambit’s development work on GPT large language models, which use hundreds of billions of parameters, shows that more natural and accurate conversational answers are generated. The experience from multiple deployments is that the bots require guidelines and boundaries to ensure an enjoyable user experience, and CX specialists are extending their roles to become chatbot trainers. 

“All AI models require ongoing training to fine-tune accuracy, address ambiguity and return the most relevant accurate answers, something critical in business use cases. The last thing users want to receive are so-called ‘hallucinated answers’ which may appear correct but are not accurate, yet can pose risks to brands.”Tim GPT quote (1)

As brands shift their focus from acquisition to retention, GPT chatbots will transform the customer experience that businesses rely on to inspire loyalty and repeat business.  

“As ChatGPT, Bard and other AIs bring possibilities to the public eye, more of our clients and partners see the need for a paradigm shift - they’re asking for this technology to be added to their chatbots,” explained Tim. 

“Clients want to see the ROI, which is why we’ve used GPT in the way that we have, because it applies the technology in a way that is genuinely meaningful for businesses.”


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Published by Ash Harder February 10, 2023
Ash Harder