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By Ambit on July 17, 2019

Chatbots in Content Marketing: How You Can Get Ready?

Emerging technologies are shaping every single aspect of the way any modern business operates. So, it’s not a big surprise that chatbots are becoming an essential content marketing tool. Intelligent bots literally take content creation and distribution to the next level.

If you don’t have a chatbot yet, it’s time to change that. An intelligent bot will help you to boost your marketing efforts and keep ahead of the competition. Keep reading to learn how you can get ready for changes.

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Personalise your message

Modern users are spoiled with choices, and they pick only those companies, which provide personalised content. For this reason, emails, which start from the name of the addressee, have a much higher open rate and CTR. Chatbots work even more effectively than emails because they work as intelligent assistants, who can reply to the clients’ messages instantly.

“If your content marketing strategy lacks personalisation, then a chatbot is a great solution for your company. A robot can start a chat from a personalised greeting and then share content, which is relevant to the client’s interests. It will help to make your customers feel special and valued” – claims Amanda Sparks, a digital marketer and the author of Top Down Writer.

Distribute your content in a new way

Today, it’s not that easy to reach out to customers as it was four years ago. For this reason, every company should use multiple channels of content distribution. Most of the young people are addicted to social platforms, so if you want to grab their attention, you should promote your content via Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Snapchat.

“A chatbot seems to be an ideal content delivery tool. It helps to reach the target audience in the right place at the right time,” – states Hellen Lewis, a social media specialist at Best Writers Canada.

Take a look at the best practices of news companies. CNN has already incorporated a Facebook Messenger chatbot, which offers users to read recently published articles. CNN subscribers prefer to get news in this way because bot provides only useful and informative content, which match their interests.

Promote your brand values

If you struggle to increase brand loyalty, you should add a chatbot to your corporate website. The trick is if you want your target audience to change attitudes toward your company, you should give them an opportunity to learn more about your business. Sarah Allen, a marketing communication manager at Get Good Grade, says: “It’s pretty hard to convince potential buyers to make a purchase if they know nothing about your company. It’s crucial to build trust in a relationship. You should tell people who you are, what your mission is and how you can help customers to solve their problems.”

Make your chatbots act like a human

If you want your chatbot to work effectively, you should make them sound more human. Your customers should feel like they talk to a real person, not to a robot.

In fact, chatbot should behave like an “employee of the month.” They must be polite, well-trained, and should have excellent writing skills. So, when you design a chatbot, don’t forget to check the text for spelling and syntax errors with the help of services like Canada-Writers or Grammarly.

Final thoughts

There is no room for doubt that chatbots are the future of content marketing. So, if you want to keep up with the current trends, it’s time to design a chatbot for your website and social platforms.

From my observations, those that succeed are prone to positive experimentation. Pick a campaign to work on, something that is measurable and meaningful. Conduct some A/B testing and ask for feedback from your customers. Set the expectations of your customers that the bot is new, learning and can only do a few things. Set your own expectations that this project is designed to learn first and succeed second. The right partner organisation will do a pilot or prototype exercise for you and not charge the equivalent of a small 3rd world nation debt for the experience. Most importantly, actually get a project going.

Before the start, you should define your business goals and identify the preferences of your target audience. It will help you to create a chatbot, which will significantly benefit your company.


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Published by Ambit July 17, 2019