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By Ambit on July 22, 2019

Next-Generation Chatbots: Introducing Digital Employees

When you hear the term ‘chatbot’ you’re probably thinking about janky, unreliable experiences which clutter website interfaces.

We’ve all been frustrated by digital conversations had with someone that is clearly non-human.

Whether this comes from the bot not understanding the question (poor technology), or not having the correct vocabulary (poor design and technology), a substandard interaction occurs.

But that’s no longer the case with Digital Employees from Ambit. We work with some of the world’s leading brands who trust us to build and onboard Digital Employees that help to reduce the time to value, create actionable insights, and make doing business better.

Our intelligent conversation platform blends scripts, NLP technology, and machine learning to deliver natural and realistic chat experiences across every channel – maximising the value in every conversation – whether that’s via email, webchat, voice, or avatar. This means that the digital conversation machines are able to conduct, get a lot smarter, and more human. A Digital Employee constantly learns through every new conversation – and never forgets.

The proliferation of AI technology has given us the ability to develop next-generation Digital Employees (also known as virtual assistants) to the forefront of business automation. And the results are quickly apparent.

Every year, businesses spend $1.3 trillion servicing customer requests and by introducing a Digital Employee, up to 30% of this cost is reduced. The time to act is now!

So much more than a FAQ auto-reply, Digital Employees are always on-brand, available 24/7, and never take a sick day. Adding the ability to integrate, collect, and store vast amounts of data about your customer’s perceptions and concerns, you gain the ability to better respond to customer needs in the future.

Digital Employees are the new face of digital transformation – and it’s happening today.

Keen to understand a bit more? Download this handy guide that highlights the different types of chatbots there are, to help you identify which would best suit your business.

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Published by Ambit July 22, 2019