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By Ambit on December 10, 2019

Nigel Latta Selects Ambit For New Parenting App

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - December 10, 2019 - Parents will soon get easier access to advice provided by clinical psychologists Nigel Latta and Natalie Flynn thanks to a new partnership with New Zealand tech company Ambit. The relationship will see Ambit’s conversation platform used in the new Parentland app to be launched early next year.

The brainchild of Nigel Latta, the Parentland smartphone app was developed by a team of clinical psychologists and family therapists with many decades experience working with tens of thousands of families. The app boasts innovative tools for caregivers of babies and children, and is packed with evidence-based advice, and strategies uniquely personalised to match both parents, and their kids.

Ambit’s conversational artificial intelligence platform is being used to bring Parentland’s yet-to-be-named digital parenting assistant to life. Parents will be able to 'talk' and get help via the digital assistant in a way that feels natural and easy at any time of day. The chatbot will also direct parents to additional tools and content available on the app, and will be capable of providing individualised coaching strategies to help with a child’s particular temperament.

Ambit’s artificial intelligence technology facilitates natural dialogue with Parentland users, as it is able to recognise the tone, sentiment, and intention of a conversation.

“We’re working with Ambit’s clever AI tech to provide natural and realistic conversations to parents everywhere,” says Nigel Latta. “We’ll fill the chatbot with all we know from the research, as well as our collective clinical experience of over four decades, working with tens of thousands of families.”

“Our partnership with Ambit is super exciting. We’ll be able to provide mums and dads with access to personalised evidence-based advice and support exactly when they need it. That’s why this collaboration is so very cool -- parents are going to be able to access all this knowledge and clinical expertise in a very natural way.”

Ambit co-founder Tim Warren, himself a parent of twin boys, is familiar with the hard slog of the early parenting years and says: “Providing mums and dads with access to the information they need to retain sanity in stressful situations with their kids, whenever, and wherever they need it is going to make a difference to so many families.

“The Ambit team is excited to be working on this very important project with Nigel, Natalie, and the Parentland team.”

Nigel has asked Ambit to develop a sweary and non-sweary version of the parenting chatbot.


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Published by Ambit December 10, 2019