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By Ambit on July 22, 2019

Paranoid of Companies Stealing Your Personal Data? Here’s How Chatbots Can Save You

Trust. The key to a perfect relationship. In a world where knowledge is power, consumers are more and more concerned with their data. (Emphasis on the ‘their’).

The data futures partnership issued a report in August this year with guidelines for trusted data use, highlighting the questions New Zealanders want answered when it comes to the security and use of our personal data on the Internet.


“Organisations need to listen to what the community has to say about its proposed data use and to make changes if the community is not comfortable.”

- The Data Futures Partnership.


So what are businesses really doing with our data? Selling it? How much of it do they have? How do I know what they have? Where is it? Can my crazy ex-husband (fingers crossed I never have one of these!) access it? Is it safe? How much is it worth? Why do they ask me about my [insert unnecessary form question]? Is it anonymous? Can I delete it? What if it’s incorrect?! What if my data is being held captive and being excluded from the important strategic decisions it should be influencing!? What is data? Who am I?

So. Many. Questions.

And, you know who’s good at answering questions? A chatbot.

You don’t have to trawl a complicated Google search flipping through articles or ask a data issues lawyer. You just go on to your messaging app (that you’re already on) and ask a bot!

For businesses using chatbots, chatbots create an opportunity for both the business and the customer. Customers can ask #AllTheQuestions they can possibly think of to a Chatbot, and at the same time, the business can listen and learn from the actual voice of their customer. No assumptions or complex analysis need to be taken.

From the horse’s mouth

The real “so what?” is when your business can contextually answer these questions and remove friction from the customer experience. Human behaviour changes online, (read The Cyber Effect by Dr Mary Aitken if you don’t believe me!).

Chatbots create a forum for customers to ask the questions they wouldn’t do in any other environment – and your business will be able to learn about the context in which they are asking these questions.

For example, Ambit’s Chatbot Platform allows you to iterate, improve, evolve, adapt, pivot, and innovate your conversational customer experience from incoming messages.

Use cases abound for businesses that can solve a huge problem like the privacy concern that New Zealanders have above. Think FAQs – businesses are using chatbots for them so they no longer have to rely on call centres answering the same 80% of queries every day.

Perhaps it won’t be from the horse’s mouth, but from the Chatbot’s mouth one day.

Ambit’s Chatbot platform empowers your business to not only answer these important questions about trust and data, but enables your customers to choose what they want to share. And design customer-centred conversational experiences for capturing customer data with transparency. Follow our LinkedIn page here for more weekly content.

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Published by Ambit July 22, 2019