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By Ambit on November 15, 2021

Pulse Energy Adds AI Chatbot to Customer Service Team


Auckland, 12th November 2021 - Pulse Energy has added a conversational AI chatbot from Ambit to its customer service team, part of a strategy to provide exceptional customer service through innovation. 

The chatbot, or digital employee, called ‘Fern’, provides instant answers to customer queries about Pulse Energy’s products, energy rates and account balances. Automating the most common and straightforward queries allows the customer service team to respond to more complex queries.


Pulse Energy's new digital employee Fern

Fern is one of several ways customers can contact Pulse Energy, and can handover a difficult query to an agent for resolution.   


“As a community-owned business, we want to ensure our customers have a range of contact options that suit their needs, while also managing our costs. Conversational AI allows us to do both and improve the overall brand experience for staff and customers,” says Sharnie Warren, CEO. 


Introduced in July, chat volumes have doubled as customers recognise the advantages of instant replies with no wait time. Pulse Energy’s digital employee also helps customers more easily find information about products and services on its website. 


“Fern is constantly learning about Pulse Energy’s business and the nature of queries being answered will increase over time, just as customers become more familiar with conversational AI as a source of fast, accurate information,” says Melisa Shore, Former Head of New Zealand Sales at Ambit.


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Published by Ambit November 15, 2021