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By Tim Warren on July 31, 2023

Unlocking the potential of multilingual AI powered digital employees

In today's globalised world, businesses are expanding their reach beyond borders, connecting with customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds.  Providing seamless customer support across different languages has become crucial for companies aiming to drive engagement and foster loyalty.  In response to this growing demand, Ambit introduces the updated Ambit AI platform, an AI-powered solution that facilitates multilingual interactions with customers through intelligent Digital Employees (DEs).

Empowering Customers to Communicate Comfortably

When customers interact with Digital Employees, they expect to communicate in their native language or the language they are most comfortable with.  Ambit AI recognises the significance of this preference, allowing customers to express their queries accurately and confidently.  By integrating a multilingual Digital Employee into their operations, businesses can ensure that every customer, irrespective of the language they speak, receives the same level of quality service.


Embracing Linguistic Diversity with 100+ Supported Languages

The Ambit AI Platform boasts an extensive list of supported languages, which currently includes about 100 options, ranging from Arabic to English to Swahili.  This comprehensive language support enables businesses to easily manage any combination of languages they require to cater to their diverse customer base.


Supporting Multilingualism: Key Approach

Ambit AI facilitates multilingual support through an essential approach that incorporates multilingual capabilities that effectively detect and select the appropriate language to use during conversations, whilst ensuring the most precise answers to customer inquiries.

The feature offers this automated translation through language translation services that streamline the process and enhance the efficiency of communication.


Leveraging Large Language Models for Multilingualism

Large Language Models (LLMs) excel in their capacity to comprehensively comprehend user intentions by leveraging large amounts of training data. Moreover, these models showcase their remarkable ability to produce appropriate responses to customer inquiries, culminating in natural and highly effective interactions.

The combination of LLMs and language capabilities presents a powerful synergy that optimises user experience and communication.


Seamless Language Switching and Language Agnosticism

With the Ambit AI Platform, digital employee conversational models are built in English and with the Ambit AI translation feature, conversations can be easily translated into alternative languages as and when required during a customer conversation. This ensures a seamless experience for customers. This language-agnostic model also allows for training the bot regardless of the preferred combination of languages used within conversations, providing maximum flexibility.

Enhancing the customer and employee experience can significantly drive engagement and foster loyalty.  With the Ambit AI Platform's multilingual capabilities, businesses can communicate with their stakeholders in their preferred language, making interactions more personal and meaningful.

In conclusion, the Ambit AI Platform offers a cutting-edge solution to businesses seeking to provide exceptional customer experiences in a multilingual environment.  By embracing linguistic diversity businesses can foster engagement, loyalty and satisfaction amoung their global audience.


Published by Tim Warren July 31, 2023