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By Ambit on November 23, 2022

Zapier and Make integrations take your digital employee to the next level

By integrating Zapier and Make with your Digital Employee, you'll be able to automate and customise manual business tasks, lead generation workflows, notifications, and more.

zapier-make-integrations-1Zapier integration

Zapier integrates with over 5,000 systems. Here are some examples of how Ambit customers use their Zapier integration to our platform:

1. Google Analytics to give you more well rounded insights on the performance of your Digital Employee

2. and other calendar platforms to allow your customers to book appointments through your Digital Employee

3. Payment platforms like Shopify so your customers can make changes to their orders through your Digital Employee

4. And to use for internal purposes. You could integrate with a platform like Xero to help your staff members book leave and take care of other important matters

Another popular use case is improving the processes between your Digital Employee and your CRM systems.

For example, you can avoid duplicating ticket creation from the same customer query. Say a customer contacts you through your Digital Employee, then again through email, and again through a contact form on your website. You can customise Zapier to recognise these chain of events and automatically place all the requests under the one ticket.

However, something important to note is that Zapier only passes information one-way. So for example, if you wanted to update a conversation workflow to capture the information from a web form which then generates a ZenDesk ticket, you can’t return information back to the customer in an automated way.

Make integration

Make integrates with fewer systems than Zapier but still offers over 1,000 different app integration options.

For example with Make, for the same use cases as above, once that ticket has been created with the information from the web form submission, your system automatically returns a ticket reference number, a confirmation email, or even a transcript of a recorded conversation back to the customer - this allows information to be passed from the customer to your systems, and then from your systems back to the customer.

If you’re interested in faster and simpler task management to improve the customer experience, the options are near endless! If you already have an Ambit Digital Employee, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager today to discuss how we can help.

Published by Ambit November 23, 2022