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By Ambit on November 04, 2021

3 Ways Conversational AI improves customer service during the holidays

Digital Employees make the customer support experience seamless

With the holidays just around the corner, retail businesses are bracing themselves for a surge in online orders. With this surge in sales, companies expect a flood of unmanageable customer support enquiries.

There are three major reasons why AI-powered agents (or digital employees as we like to call them at Ambit) are crucial to customer support over the Christmas season. Let's dive into that now. (1)How an Ambit digital employee works to guide a customer through a personalised shopping experience.


  1. Personalisation of your order 

Automated customer service manages a huge volume of inquiries while providing a degree of customisation that would be difficult for human agents to do at scale.

Ambit's Conversational AI, which is integrated with backend order systems, quickly pulls up the information that customers are searching for when calling customer care, such as when their purchase will arrive.

As great as the Christmas season is, it's also a stressful time for customers and companies, and having access to order information at any time of day or night helps make the experience more enjoyable.

Personalised customer service replies are also more likely to engage customers. Consumers respond to tailored interaction with a clickthrough rate nearly three times greater than non-personalised engagement, according to our research at Ambit.


Check out our free infographic for 10 reasons why and how a digital employee makes the holiday season seamless.

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Young woman doing christmas shopping for the seasons most popular products

  1. Reminders of the Season's Most Popular Products 

It wouldn't be a true holiday season without a star product — the one that everyone wants but that sells out much too soon. Brands can handle and manage this spike in demand with the aid of intelligent automation.

This cuts down the time it takes to see if this year's hot product is still available - by giving customers the opportunity to sign up for notifications about future product availability in the run-up to the holidays.

In addition to, or instead of that hot item, digital employees intelligently guide demand toward comparable or complementary goods that are in stock.

Digital employees help keep customers connected with your business through these carefully targeted efforts, turning the encounter into a enjoyable one, even if the product they were looking for was out of stock.


Product Returns_RetailUsing an Ambit digital employee to help customers resolve issues, such as returns and refunds.

  1. Anticipating and Resolving Holiday Conflict

Customer connections, like any other type of interaction, need regular maintenance and the capacity to respond quickly when necessary.

Digital employees can assist with this type of customer service, such as the recently released option to send messages to customers on Facebook Messenger, directly from comments on your brand's Facebook page posts.

Of course, these public comments are frequently used by consumers to ask inquiries or vent their concerns, so they aren't always nice.

A rapid answer delivered automatically through texting may help calm a bad situation and show others that your company is attentive, proactive, and eager to enhance their purchasing experience.



For the Holidays, Conversational AI Makes Sense

Customer service using AI-powered digital employees makes sense, especially around the holidays when there is a spike in inquiries, orders, and complaints.

These agents assist companies in maintaining a continuous, 24-hour connection with consumers and potential customers via their chosen communication channels. These channels, especially for younger customers, include texting or messaging.


"Many routine questions can be handled by intelligent automation, with more complicated questions being passed on to human operators.

They also give a consistent stream of high-level customisation, extensive statistics to demonstrate which replies were most effective, and are a more challenging target for fraudsters than human agents."


During the Christmas season, brands are required to perform at their best and be ready to meet the demands of their customers where they are at.

Ambit's AI-powered digital employees know how to execute the perfect plays over and over again, at any hour of the day or night. You can book a quick chat with us to see what Ambit can do for you, or if you'd prefer to take the platform out for a spin, book a demo with us now.

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Published by Ambit November 4, 2021