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By Ambit on December 06, 2021

Manage Customers easily with Digital Employees


As businesses shift their products and services online, your company needs to meet the demands of your customers and provide excellent customer service to them at any time of day.

In this blog, you'll learn how powerful digital employees (or virtual assistants) serve and manage customers with ease, maintain positive relationships with your current existing customers and foster strong bonds with new ones.

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Here are the topics we explore in this blog;



Consumer finance GIF - increase credit limitAn Ambit digital employee assisting a customer to increase their credit card limit.


Create conversations with an intelligent digital employee

Make it easy for your customers to create conversations 24/7 with an intelligent digital employee, even when your customer service agents are not at their desks or it's after hours.

Virtual assistants enable your customer service to be "always on" and communicate with customers via channels they prefer to use (think web chat, SMS, mobile, social media, and messaging). They do this by seamless integration with your data that already exists about your customers. No matter the channel your customer uses, the digital employee has up-to-date information serves them the correct information they need.

Virtual assistants handle routine inquiries with ease and pull up information relevant to customers' search requests and queries. These include automating regular flows such as:

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • Order status
    • Delivery information
    • Returns
    • Refunds
    • Account queries

A digital employee streamlines conversations with your customers so they can ask questions 24/7, receive valuable information that is helpful, answers their questions and delights them with efficiency and speed of resolution.


An Ambit digital employee helping a customer find out the cost of shippingAn Ambit digital employee helping a customer find the cost of shipping products.


What conversational AI does for your business and customer service

Virtual agents utilise powerful conversational AI to complement human agents (and your business) to remove heavy volumes of customer requests and connect with customers to deliver them excellent service. They provide your customer service team an excellent tool in which to manage your customers at any time of day.

This enables customer service and support teams to increase their efficiency, revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Intelligent conversational AI lets you optimise lead generation, qualify leads, answer your customers' questions and up-sell products - all while your digital employee delivers exceptional customer service, improves conversions and cuts down service volume.

Your human team members can focus their efforts on high-value customer interactions and leave the heavy loads for the digital employee to take care of.


The ACC digital employee Jules, created by AmbitA conversation with a digital employee created for ACC by Ambit.


Start the conversation with a digital employee


Make a digital employee the first solution your customers choose when searching for information about your products. 

Intelligent conversational AI answers customer questions fast and accurately, all while reducing the cost to serve them. Your human agents can respond to more high value requests and let the virtual assistant handle the heavy lifting of increased volumes of low-value requests.

Best of all, this is able to occur on any channel that your customer chooses to interact with your business. Watch how your customer satisfaction (and your employees!) increases as a result!


Use digital employees to delight your customers

Make it easy to delight your customers with a digital employee on your team and automate conversations at scale to find resolutions to their queries fast.

Virtual assistants help your human customer service agents to:

    • Increase the number of customers they serve at once
    • Prioritise high-value conversations
    • Identify which customers and conversations need attention
    • Understand the customer's language so the digital employee (DE) can respond in the correct language
    • Perform live handover to human agents (and back to the DE) when necessary
    • Up-sell them products that compliment their purchase

All of the aforementioned make it easy for your customers to communicate with you via any channel and get the same satisfactory result. A digital employee streamlines the process to keep your customer service team and your customers happy and remove unnecessary stressors.

They make the process of customer service from start to finish easy, fast and efficient and will have them return to your business for more.



A digital employee by Ambit makes conversational commerce easy

The convenience of conversational commerce

Intelligent conversational AI makes the business of commerce a whole lot easier because it can be accessed by customers at any time of day – thereby makes it easy for them to become a customer.

This means that v
irtual assistants reduce the cost to serve individual customers and allow for your customer service team to serve multiple shoppers at once.

Add the the ability to serve customers at any time they choose as opposed to not assisting a customer at all, and you have a sure way to increase the number of conversions to sales you can make.


At Ambit, we believe in fit for purpose technology, which means we want to ensure that you get the right solution that is right for your business and its needs.

If you want to get a better idea of how a Digital Employee could work for you, get in touch with our team to learn more over a brief chat.

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Published by Ambit December 6, 2021