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By Ambit
on November 05, 2021

And how virtual assistants set your business up for success


Historically, companies have always asked customers to do business their way. Nowadays, the boot is on the other foot and customers are the ones demanding that businesses make their journey a more pleasant experience.

We've seen the shift in recognition of the value of customer experience and the return on investment that it's brought to companies who've taken notice.

By Ambit
on November 04, 2021

Virtual agents, AI-powered virtual assistants, intelligent chatbots, digital sales and support bots... explained


Intelligent virtual agents (or digital employees as we refer to them at Ambit,) are computer programs that leverage a mix of programmed rules and conversational artificial intelligence in order to offer a simple service or provide basic help. 


By Ambit
on November 04, 2021

Digital Employees make the customer support experience seamless

With the holidays just around the corner, retail businesses are bracing themselves for a surge in online orders. With this surge in sales, companies expect a flood of unmanageable customer support enquiries.

There are three major reasons why AI-powered agents (or digital employees as we like to call them at Ambit) are crucial to customer support over the Christmas season. Let's dive into that now.

By Ambit
on November 01, 2021

This October, Ambit hosted the online 10/10/10 Q&A event.

During this event our Sales Lead, Melisa Shore, and Business Development Manager, Dion Edmonds, answered your burning questions that you wanted to know about digital employees. Here is a complete guide to all the questions and answers from the day.

By Ambit
on October 27, 2021

Southern Cross Travel Insurance (Southern Cross or SCTI) has launched a conversational AI chatbot in preparation for a post-COVID-19 rebound in tourism and subsequent increase in travel bookings.

By Ambit
on October 14, 2021

Everything you need to know about Conversational AI

In this blog we will unpack what conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is, how it works, and how your business can implement it.

If your business is ready to take conversational AI to the next level or you want to learn more about what it can bring to your company, this blog will guide you through everything from the basics of what an ai-powered chatbot is, drill down to benefits that both you and your customers can enjoy, and where this technology can deliver the most value to your business.

Some of the common questions we'll address are:

    • What is conversational AI and how does it work?
    • What is meant by conversational AI?
    • Why is conversational AI important?
    • How do you implement conversational AI?


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By Ambit
on August 30, 2021

We’ve all heard the age-old saying, ‘it’s cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one.’

This has never been truer than today where it’s easier than ever for customers to switch KiwiSaver providers. With so many providers available - once a customer is gone, they’re almost impossible to claw back.

By Ambit
on August 27, 2021

Ambit Launches Conversational AI Platform in AWS Marketplace, Enabling More Businesses to Deploy an AI Chatbot.

By Ambit
on August 26, 2021

Conversational AI platform Ambit is preparing a Series A raise to support international market validation, expansion, and hiring new team members. 

By Ambit
on July 01, 2021

Enterprise grade chatbot platform helps businesses deploy a digital assistant to their website.

Auckland, New Zealand - 30 June, 2020 - Vodafone New Zealand today announced an exclusive partnership with Ambit to bring their enterprise grade chatbot platform underpinned by AI and natural language processing, designed to deliver 24/7 personalised customer service, to its contact centre customers across Aotearoa.