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By Ambit
on May 04, 2022

New Zealand’s leading Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) provider Laybuy has successfully launched Ambit’s conversational AI platform as its newest digital employee ‘Hugo’, a move that will significantly improve customer experience and help support Laybuy’s continued international growth. 

By Ambit
on April 13, 2022


Auckland, 13th April 2022 - Ambit, the conversational AI platform, has joined the Amazon Web Services independent software vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, a move designed to further boost international sales. 

By Ambit
on April 08, 2022

The beginning of April marks Ambit's 5th birthday! 

We sat down with CEO Tim Warren to talk about the company's journey over the years, what some of the key highlights have been, and what's in store for the future of Ambit and conversational AI.

By Ambit
on March 10, 2022

Virtual Vet Nurse, the New Zealand-based veterinary practice technology company, today launched ‘Sophie’, a digital human, allowing pet owners to access credible health and nutrition advice directly from clinics’ websites. Available from today, selected practises across New Zealand and Australia will be the first in the world to employ a digital human to efficiently meet the information needs of pet owners, including new pet-owning millennials. 

By Ambit
on December 15, 2021

Senior cloud executive Dave Howden has been appointed an Independent Director of Ambit, the conversational AI platform.

By Ambit
on December 14, 2021


Today, personalised automation and customised online shopping experiences are vital to the success of any business' customer experience – and it's a necessity in today's increasingly competitive landscape.

Take a look under the hood of most businesses that use chatbots and AI-driven interactions, and you'll see that many of them are not utilising the full capabilities of deep-level personalisation that most customers now expect.

In this blog, you'll learn why personalised automation is crucial in this highly competitive world, why you need to personalise and customise a digital employee for optimal customer experience, and learn what the difference between the two is.

If you want to cut to the chase and see what an Ambit Digital Employee can do for your business, have a chat to sales here.



By Ambit
on December 06, 2021


As businesses shift their products and services online, your company needs to meet the demands of your customers and provide excellent customer service to them at any time of day.

In this blog, you'll learn how powerful digital employees (or virtual assistants) serve and manage customers with ease, maintain positive relationships with your current existing customers and foster strong bonds with new ones.

If you want to learn more about digital employees and what they can do for your business, have a chat to sales here!


By Ambit
on December 03, 2021


The holiday season is here and as a retailer, you need to have the right tactics in place to boost your sales. 

In this blog, we reveal 5 omni-channel strategies that do exactly that and make it easy for your team to manage the busy season. If you want to learn how a digital employee can make this even easier, have a chat to sales here!

By Ambit
on November 15, 2021

When people think of Artificial Intelligence, the image most likely to come to mind might be computers playing chess, or a time-travelling robots.

By Ambit
on November 15, 2021

Auckland, 12th November 2021 - Pulse Energy has added a conversational AI chatbot from Ambit to its customer service team, part of a strategy to provide exceptional customer service through innovation.